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please help!!!!!!

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Feb 16, 2013, 4:52 PM

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please help!!!!!! Sign In

So last friday I brought my 2005 jaguar x-type 3.0 awd(80000 mi) into the shop because when I made sharp left turns the car would make a loud pop or clunk sound and the car would shake a bit until the whEel was straightend out. The auto repair shop told me it was probaly the left cv axle and also the front rotors and pads needed to be changed to and it made sense to do because the wheels and everything were already off so I said ok and the bill for evrything was 450 dollars. When I picked up the car on saturday evening the car still made the same noise and it also noticed that the car jerked when accelerating and it made a weird reving or studdering sound when coasting /decelerating at higher speeds like the car was going to die. I called the shop and told the owner the noise was still there and he said that was odd. He also said he did hear that noise too when test driving it but thought I already new about it but he did notice the cv or whatever was seperated so It did need to be changed and to bring it back in on monday morning. We told the shop workers originally the noise it was making so obiviously the workers there and not communicating or something. So monday I receive no call about the car all day and I got a call back teusday morning. The shop told me that when they pulled the car around into the shop whatever was making that noise gave way and they can't get the wheels to move but can in neutral. They said they were able to check out the repairs they originally made and everything was good as far as what they did. So they asked permission to tow my car to their "other shop" which I don't believe they own because that shop knows more about transmissions. So I hear nothing from anyone about the car until I call them on wednesday a day later and the owner says it something in the transfer case possibly a broken part and I will know more tomorrow on thursday. So I get no call on thursday and call friday asking for an update the worker at the shop says he hasn't heard anything but will call the other shop and call me back. Of course he never calls back so I called today saturday and the worker who answered tells me the same exact thing the owner told me three days earlier that its something in the transfer case and the other shop will be looking into on monday.??????? Needless to say I get pretty pissed ......I asked him where the other shop was located and he took about ten minutes to get me the address and phone number I called the shop about ten times through out the day and no one answered??? Can you give me your opinions on what's going on with my car and if the auto shop I took the car too is being honest and what they are trying to do? I'm going to be pissed if they come at me with some big bill for some new problem they missed.

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Feb 16, 2013, 5:08 PM

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They can't make any repairs or charge you for work unless it is approved by you. If they charge you for repairing something without your oral or written consent, they are putting themselves in a really bad position.

I suggest you take a ride to the shop and talk with someone in person and see what exactly is going on.

Since we volunteer our time and knowledge, we ask for you to please follow up when a problem is resolved.

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