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Dec 11, 2013, 3:10 AM

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heat Sign In

98 dodge Durango, 160,000 miles , 5.9 liter
problem was water pump so I paid some #$%^&%$ from Craig's list to change it, well he had it for almost 3 days and when I got it back it was still leaking, I was trying to save money cause I got hurt at work and have been off a year now, anyway, I took it to my regular mechanic and he charged me like 180 so I dint save money from the first guy, now the heat in the truck works but not as hot as it did before, the temp gauge is up to normal opp. temp, so my stupid question is ,,,is it possible to have in too much anti-freeze ?, or is my thermostat shot ? thanks Dennis from milwaukee

Tom Greenleaf
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Dec 11, 2013, 4:47 AM

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Re: heat Sign In

Quote">>is it possible to have in too much anti-freeze ?,<<" Yes is the short answer but not the likely one so far*.

Pure antifreeze doesn't transfer heat as well as a mix. Industry norm is 50/50 for all around use.

Seems the first job didn't work out so well. Who knows but perhaps debris is clogging heater core reducing effectiveness. Need to do some checks. Check the now mixture strength yourself at radiator as a recovery tank may not all have mixed in yet. Take real temps at thermostat or if a new one was part of the job along the way was it the right temp rating. You can just take temp of thermostat cover with an infrared or touchless thermo and should be close the thermostat's rating but would or should notice your gauge running at a lower temp on gauge of vehicle if you ever took note before anything was done or wrong.

May still have air in system?

May just be that it's colder than usual outside and should still blow the same temp air but whole vehicle is that much colder - takes longer to warm it all up inside.

You just had this done so I'd ask the shop and tech to give it a check.

*Antifreeze alone has poor 'caloric' value meaning it would give off all it's heat faster too early and be cooled off early to make best use of whole heater core surface area. I know it's cold all over the place but would need to be wildly strong to notice IMO. If found strong and maxed out would have to be drained and would flush heater core backwards too as debris from first failed attempt could have (total guess) put gasket material or mess that caught up in the core??



Dec 11, 2013, 11:38 AM

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Re: heat Sign In

ok I will have it looked at and back flushed,,,,,Thanks

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