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ford fusion zetec 1.4 coolent change

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Nov 15, 2014, 12:06 PM

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ford fusion zetec 1.4 coolent change Sign In

my wife had a problem with her coolant reservoir it would hold at max level ok some times and drop to min others within days of being full
i noticed pink coolant dripping stains under the reservoir so replaced the reservoir for a new one..the old one did show what looked like cat scratch marks with pink stains i guess these could be cracks that leaked when the reservoir got hot so expanded
after the flush i filled it to max with 50/50 pink coolant 5year stuff then run it for 20mins with heating on trying to get the air out as it didnt seem to have taken the right amount of coolant i then left a ltr of coolant in the boot and told my wife to check it when she got to work 10 miles away she works as a call out nurse so drives around the neighbourhood aswell no more then 15min trips at a time

she comes home that night and tells me its been fine dash temp has been showing normal i asked her if she checked coolant level like i asked and she "didnt have time" i take a look and its almost empty way under min maybe 1inch of coolant only just high enuff to cover the side output pipe parked flat going up hill would put it on emtpy so my question is could she have caused any damage?

on a side note when i had the reservoir off i got a good look at her serpentine belts her zetec has two a small single one for ac i think both need to be replaced last year i had the camblet done and tensioner the kit had no water pump i was told because the water pump can be changed without removing the cambelt i havnt taken off the cambelt cover but it does look to be the case so is it worth fitting a new pump when i change belts the one on it now is fine no leaks or bad sounds im thinking is a new cheaper after market one going to be better then the default one even at 12years wear

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Hammer Time
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Nov 15, 2014, 12:25 PM

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Re: ford fusion zetec 1.4 coolent change Sign In

If you had any coolant at all left in the reservoir, that would mean the radiator was still full and you have no problem with the engine. Your wife on the other hand may end up costing you an engine if her atrtitude doesn't change. You wouldn't believe how many times people have told me that they only had a couple miles to go, they had to get to their destination or I couldn't afford to have it towed as I was handing them an estimate for $5000 to repair the engine they overheated.


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Nov 15, 2014, 1:10 PM

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Re: ford fusion zetec 1.4 coolent change Sign In

i know what you mean mate when this car hit 90k i told her daily to get the cambelt done but got the normal "i cant have it in the garage that long" when i dragged her to have it done i took a look at the old tensioner and it wasnt even round the thing was oval with cut marks into the pulley just about done but saying that the garage screwed up didnt fit the rocker cover back right by the time i noticed it had a slight miss from oil in the sparks the cat failed and cost us like £300 on top at the next mot and still they never sorted the cover tried to say it was from the cambelt seal i demand they did the rocker again with sealant and it hasnt leaked since

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