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check engine light / ABS light

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Jun 23, 2012, 10:44 AM

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check engine light / ABS light Sign In

2001 audi tt ...

2001 audi tt ... check engine light

took car to repair shop #1 to fix three problems: (1) temp warning light was indicating that engine was overheating even though it was not; (2) trip mileage indication was not functioning; (3) check engine light was on.

Problem #1 was fixed easily, but not #2 and #3. Mechanic replaced speed sensor, and thought that would make check engine light go off, but it did not fix problem. Mechanic unstalled and shipped instrument cluster to a company which repairs (or remanufactures, or rebuilds) clusters. When shipped back to my repair shop, the speedometer / trip mileage indicator problems were fixed. Before cluster was reinstalled the check engine light did not come on, but after it was installed, it came back on. My mechanic could not solve the problem and recommended that I take car to dealer to diagnose and repair check engine problem. ABS light was also coming on, and mechanic recommended replacing ABS pump, but he said I had brakes (just not ABS) and that car would pass safety inspection without new pump.

Mechanic was unable to find out check engine light problem and recommended that I take it to dealer for repair.

Instead of taking to dealer #2, I took my car to auto repair shop #2. Shop #2 diagnosed and said that if I replaced ABS problem, that he guaranteed it would fix check engine light problem (as well as ABS problem). With this assurance, I authorized installing a rebuilt ABS pump. The first time I started engine after the ABS pump was installed, the check engine light came back on.

Took car back to repair shop #2. This time they diagnosed problem as needing a new speed sensor. I had forgotten that a new speed sensor had been installed by shop #1 two weeks earlier, so I authorized making this repair. Again, check engine light came back on the first time I started the car the next morning.

Took car back to shop #2. This time they recommended sending instrument cluster back to company that remanufactured it two weeks early. They suggested that the cluster had probably not been properly repaired. I authorized sending it back.

When it remanufacterer returned it, there was a note saying that the he had checked cluster and found nothing wrong with it. (I was not charged for rechecking cluster.)

Again check engine light did not come on when the cluster was outside the car, but it came on again after it was reinstalled. After this, shop #2's mechanic put car on lift and was tightening some bolts, etc. and found a connection problem at the firewall, apparently between cluster and car's computer. Connection was restored without requiring any new parts and only enough labor to reconnect (no labor charge, so it couldn't have taken too long).

When I complained to shop #2 that the ABS pump did not fix the check engine light as had been guaranteed. They did not deny that they had said it would fix that problem, but they swore that there was no way the check engine would ever go off unless if the ABS pump had been replaced.

Your thoughts? Is it true that the check engine light cannot go off unless the ABS light is off?

James Creech

Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jun 23, 2012, 10:51 AM

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Re: check engine light / ABS light [In reply to] Sign In

Your thoughts? Is it true that the check engine light cannot go off unless the ABS light is off?

I see no connection whatsoever but then again, you never posted the code number so how would we know.


We offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional.

check engine light / ABS light

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