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Vauxhall corsa S Ecoflex 2013 1.0 CAR TROUBLE

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Dec 13, 2016, 1:43 PM

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Vauxhall corsa S Ecoflex 2013 1.0 CAR TROUBLE Sign In


I'm having trouble with my corsa and hoping someone has been through something similar or can help in anyway through their experience and opinion.

I've had the car 6 months, it's only 3 years old, 33k miles on the clock,it was serviced on April 2016 and I recently had an MOT in September. Obviously it being a 1 litre there's literally no power etc but at the weekend I was parked on a slight hill facing downwards and I had it reverse once parked. When I started the car I didn't put my foot on the cluch and it stalled. When I started the engine I instantly knew something was wrong. It shuddered once it started and when I pushed the accelerator I heard a slight whirring noise. I had to drive he car back from Dundee to Glasgow and it literally just got there. Wouldn't get passed 60/70 just felt completely
Different. The next day it wouldn't start.

Breakdown came out tested battery etc didn't really know what was wrong with it. He did say something about the timing chain and it could be choked/missed a tooth? Took it to a garage and they changed the coil pack, spark plugs and camshaft sensor. That didn't fix the issue and they put my old parts back in (I thought I had an exetended warranty but it ran out last week)

So went to pick my car up and get the keys to get it moved back home and the guy said it could be the ecu or timing chain. The guy that came out to take it back home did a diagnosis and nothing was showing, the ecu was showing as fine. He also reckons it's skipped a tooth or something and reckons it's needs a new timing chain or if not that new head cylinder.

I've read a few forums on the internet and it could be a list of things, I just think if the car was running fine before I stalled it, wouldn't it be more likey be a wiring or pump issue rather than replacing the timing chain?

I know literally nothing about cars, but just having the car 6 months and then something as big as this going wrong because I stalled the car seems a little much for me. If it's correct fair enough.

Does anyone else have any ideas before I get the timing chain replaced?

Thanks for any feedback.

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Dec 13, 2016, 2:09 PM

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Re: Vauxhall corsa S Ecoflex 2013 1.0 CAR TROUBLE Sign In

first this car is not sold here USA>
BUT it is a GM and from that common computer logic we can try to help...
Was this an authorized Vaux dealer or a local independent?
The technicians random suggestions is not typical of professional diagnostics.
BASICS would be scan for codes ALL modules - basics like fuel pressure, spark, compression etc before those random guesses.
A skipped timing , a Cam sensor and a coil issue would likely show a codes.
You need a second opinion.

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