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Vauxhall Astra 1.6 Throttle body????

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Apr 16, 2014, 12:11 AM

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I have a 02 plate Vauxhall Astra sxi 1.6. The problem started with the service light being on and it going into limp mode when stuck in traffic, i hooked it up to a diagnostic and it stated it was the throttle peddle running at 30% instead of 100%, so i replaced the peddle and the problem continued. The diagnostic then stated it was the electronic throttle body (which i am yet to fit). But now all of a sudden the engine light is on and the car had a hard time starting (it has been v cold the past two nights). The engine sounds like it is ticking and it is revving by itself when idle. Do you think these two issues are related? How would you suggest i solved these two issues? And off the top of your head can you give an estimate in how much getting it all done might cost?

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Apr 16, 2014, 12:19 AM

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Re: Vauxhall Astra 1.6 Throttle body???? Sign In

This site is US based, so we have no access to technical data for vehicles like yours that are not sold here unfortunately.

If you have a malfunctioning electronic throttle body on a drive by wire car, it will give you the issues you have. But you will want to make sure the wiring to and from it is good and that it is actually getting signals from the PCM that it should and is not responding.

One issue that can come up with these is the throttle bore and back of the throttle plate getting loaded up with soot. This interrupts airflow and forces the PCM to keep the throttle blade open more than it thinks it should. With the car shut off, unplug the electrical connector for the throttle body and remove the air ducting. Reach in and hold the throttle wide open with your fingers and shine a flashlight in to see if it is really dirty. If it is, use carb cleaner and an old toothbrush to get it all scrubbed off the plate and the bore it sits in.

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