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Rough start and idle

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Oct 22, 2016, 11:01 AM

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Rough start and idle Sign In

1999 Ford mustang v6 3.6l
(im more worried about the rough start)
Hello, I drove my car around today and everything was fine until I went to start it the third time that day. The third time I started it it felt like it was almost going to stall. I would also like to mention that since I've had this thing (3 years) it would rev in the 1000 RPMs for a minute or two once i started it, although I heard that was just to warm up the car and was normal? Anyways, it has yet to stall on me, and when I start driving it would act normal. Even after I got to my destination it was acting normal stopped (and i was back into neutral and idling). Then another time as I pulled into my driveway and was gliding in neutral my RPMs were all the way at 2000. Some people I have talked to said it sounds like something to do with my fuel pump, as if it is not getting enough gas. (Also it rained today, and i filled the tank up with gas the night before). Anyone know what it could be? I do not know much about cars so some things may need to be explained simpler.

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Oct 22, 2016, 11:20 AM

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Re: Rough start and idle Sign In

start with easy fast things,
Scan for codes yes scan even if light is off, its fast and free. Post all codes.
Give us some history - repairs, modifications etc.
Can you do basics- fuel pressure check, vacuum check, etc?

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Oct 22, 2016, 11:32 AM

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Re: Rough start and idle Sign In

Well the check engine light has been on since i had the thing and you are asking me to scan everything using the hec instrument on my dash?
In three years all that has really been done is oil changes, I changed my brakes and rotors, installed a sub, and installed leds. There has been a newer intake put on it, a performance chip, and that it i believe.
I have exactly 0 equipment, so that will narrow down the options. However, if you think I can save money by doing so than i can go out and buy something, but no I do not know how to check any of those however if it is not difficult I am sure youtube will show me.

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