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Renault Trafic DCI 2.0 Unknown Whistling Noise

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May 1, 2016, 5:05 PM

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Renault Trafic DCI 2.0 Unknown Whistling Noise Sign In

SO I have a squealing noise coming from somewhere underneath the hood in my van, similar to a belt/pulley noise. Il give as much detail as possible. Apologies if I give too much or give any irrelevant information. Have a several hour drive ahead of me in a few days and want to make some inroads into the problem before I risk driving it that far.

Noise appeared several weeks ago, a random chirp/squeal. This occurs intermittently when cruising at speeds either in 5th/6th gear or third, any gear really. When I put van in neutral no change, same when I press brakes, no difference in noise. SO seems to be rotational issue somewhere. The only thing that seems to make a difference is shown in video. Basically, for example, im in third gear and engage clutch while accelerating, then I disengage it and when van jumps forward the pitch changes. I had the gearbox dropped a few months back and had a few troublesome bearings replaced along with the clutch release bearing. Only occurs while engine is hot too it seems.

I was with my local mechanic twice, given that the noise is intermittent, he couldn’t reproduce it on the lift. He also removed belt and checked it along with all the pulleys. Nothing there. In the meantime I got a Check Emissions warning light along with a Check Injection. Brought it into Renault and they root caused this back to a short on the MAF sensor. Asked them to look for something regarding the noise but again, they couldn’t find anything. Haven’t got around to replacing the MAF yet, I think it’s a separate issue, or is it?? Other then above issues she drives perfectly, no loss of power, smooth gear changes etc

Any light shed on this would be great.

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May 1, 2016, 7:55 PM

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Re: Renault Trafic DCI 2.0 Unknown Whistling Noise Sign In

Did you show your mechanics the video? Did this noise appear after the previous repairs? If it is under the vehicle and changes when you engage and disengage the clutch, there could be something going on with the clutch release bearing. The input shaft is still turning while the vehicle is in motion, so it is unlikely a bearing noise inside the transmission would change manipulating the clutch.

Since we volunteer our time and knowledge, we ask for you to please follow up when a problem is resolved.

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May 1, 2016, 9:47 PM

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Re: Renault Trafic DCI 2.0 Unknown Whistling Noise Sign In

Video was only taken yesterday, showed him a previous version that just had the noise and not the mechanics of it if that makes sense. And would the clutch release bearing only make noise if clutch was engaged? Maybe not the best to go back to the same mechanic that just replaced the thing not so long ago! Will go to someone again tomorrow with the video as something good to show at least. Thanks

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