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Renault Clio Ripcurl, low milage big problems

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Feb 12, 2013, 12:04 PM

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Renault Clio Ripcurl, low milage big problems Sign In

I have a Renault Clio Ripcurl 2007 1.2 16 valve, I bought it second hand from a Renault dealer 2 years ago, it has a full service history and has been running fine. Over a month ago the engine light came on and the car kept cutting out. My local mechanic said that it looked like it was the computer so he told me to send it back to the dealership to have it repaired. At this point the car wouldn't even start so It was towed away by the garage.

The mechanic said that it was the timing belt and I agreed to have it fixed for £310 (my car has done 35,707miles) after a few days I received another phone call saying that the problem was worse than expected and that they would have to check the head gasket and I could expect a bill for £1,200 if its a worst case scenario.

I phoned on a regular basis to see what the progress was with the car only to be fobbed off by the receptionist so I told her that I wanted a revised invoice because I wanted to know about the work and the charges. Finally the Service Manager phoned to say that the car was fixed and he sent me an invoice, even though the car had passed the test drive he said that he wasn't happy with the car and he wanted to keep it in longer to tune it but the price will not be affected by this.

Finally after my car had nearly been in the garage the best part of a month, I phoned up yesterday and my car was ready for collection.

I was not happy with the service so before I paid (£1,263.22) I wanted to speak to the Service Manager. I explained that I couldn't understand why a car with low mileage can have problems with the timing and he told me that it wasn't the timing the problem was with the valves. Basically because I have low mileage the valves were not making a seal with the cylinder head so there was low compression within the engine!! this is where I got confused and gave up, he said that I could make a complaint to Renault and see what happens. All I wanted was to pay for the car and get out of there on the condition that the car was ok and parts and service had a warranty for 12 months which they are.

I drove the car home approx. 22 miles and the car was good. I went to start the engine this morning and the engine light came back on and the car cut out, I tried it a couple of times with no luck. The car has been towed away to the dealership again and I'm back to square one minus £1,263.22.

Please can someone give me some advice, I have been very reasonable with the dealership but I can't help feel that I'm at the losing end.

Kirsty G

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Feb 12, 2013, 6:52 PM

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Re: Renault Clio Ripcurl, low milage big problems Sign In

I think you need to get higher up than the dealership. That's a lot of misdiagnosing for 22 miles IMO. Not sure how you contest issues where you are but think you may have to. That and taking near a month just isn't right no matter what was wrong. Car not sold here but doesn't matter, this is all wrong to me,


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