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No Oil Pressure on 2009 Chev Silverado

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Jan 7, 2019, 3:15 AM

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No Oil Pressure on 2009 Chev Silverado Sign In

My Chev is a 5.3 & has approx 420,000 km on it. New transmission about 3000 km ago. My engine light went on about 130 km ago when I was in middle of nowhere. I checked oil, it was ok. I continued to drive and gauge dropped from 12 o'clock position (where it normally sits) to 9 o'clock position, waveered between 8 & 9 the rest of the way home. Got to town, and gauge rose a bit. When I shut off motor it was back at 9 o'clock. Sat for 3 days. Started today, warning lights came on saying basically to shut off motor, which I did, so couldn't use scanner. I class it as inoperable right now. Temperature outside has dropped from Around -10 to -29 C in those days Can't call shop cuz it's Sunday, but would like some kind of idea before I call.

Tom Greenleaf
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Jan 7, 2019, 3:42 AM

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Re: No Oil Pressure on 2009 Chev Silverado Sign In

Not good news. Understand if in "nowhere" that you'd risk engine to get to a better place at any cost which probably is a new or good used engine now. Your temps dropped so oil type matters whatever you use should tolerate all those ranges really with no problem.
You would be checking for actual oil pressure now forget gauges on dash the real pressure you said you know it read full enough presumably by dipstick which with those kms = about 260K is IMO all you get.
Have to suggest tow it and get real oil pressure read hope it's just sending wrong info. Hope so for you and see how much more you could get out of it.
Note: Warning lights, gauges have to be taken seriously. If you are going to drive that much learn to check manually and check for suspect troubles. Oil changing must be double that any manual says and I strongly suggest synthetics.
Cold near always means use of corrosive salts at least here and there and being a truck may have coolers both trans and oil up front of radiator must be checked they routinely rot out and leak either by surprise that item it toast in no time.
If you buy or bought this used fine but watch miles. Things all over only take so many along with countless sensors and switches all went along the same distance is probably NOT the right choice of vehicle to be in "nowhere" places yet anything can happen to anything just the odds get against you.

Good luck. It started is a good sign after sitting 3 days hope there's some good news,


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