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Nissan Frontier suddenly wont start. Rapid clicks, heavy rains...

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Nov 23, 2018, 7:50 PM

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Nissan Frontier suddenly wont start. Rapid clicks, heavy rains... Sign In

Suddenly my 2001 NISSAN frontier xe, 4 cylinder truck just clicked and buzzed weakly this evening when i tried to start it. It has been reliably starting immediately in turning key until just tonight. It also just started raining heavy here today. Did a little a couple days ago, but more today. Wonder if could have anything to do with it?
If my memory is right, battery is only about one year old?
In past the connections to battery terminals were a little loose so caused same symptoms, but this time when i checked the connections they both are firm to battery posts. When this happened tonight, the lights in cab and headlights came on, work when turning key to on, but when i tried starting it it weakly clicked and rapidly sounded like it was dying even more. So I only tried for a couple seconds at a time. I checked oil, it was low so I added some. Tried again same, tried again and somehow managed to rev gas pedal ( maybe just coincidence ) and it started.

So i drove it nonstop to where i usually park ( it was in a different town when it didn't start, had been sitting for maybe 5 hours ) and parked it and turned it fully off. I immediately tried starting it again ( which is what I have video recorded here ) but it wouldn't start again. Help?

Link to video I took of it not starting -

Hammer Time
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Nov 23, 2018, 8:37 PM

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Re: Nissan Frontier suddenly wont start. Rapid clicks, heavy rains... Sign In

It's pretty obvious that you have a dead battery. The question is......why.

You could have a problem with the charging system, a parasitic drain on the battery when parked or a plain old bad battery.

The first thing to do is have the battery fully charged and then tested. If the battery checks out good, then test the charging system.


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