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Kia Clarus Starter Motor problem?

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New User

Oct 18, 2015, 1:08 AM

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Kia Clarus Starter Motor problem? Sign In

Hello, first post here and hope I can get a little help.
2000; Kia; Clarus; 2.0; 50,000

I have a Kia Clarus and suspect I have a starter-motor problem. Starter has been "lazy" for awhile and now when I turn ignition I get nothing at all, not even a click although the battery is good/charged and the dashboard lights all show brightly.


I just rolled the car back a couple of feet, turned the ignition started.

Drove it for around a mile, then parked it.

Turned ignition key again and........Nothing, not even a click.

Seems I may indeed have isolated it to a sticking or otherwise faulty starter, unless someone can advise me to the contrary.

Assuming I’ve diagnosed it correctly, could someone point me in the direction of a replacement please (second-hand is fine, so long as it works, as the car is 15 years old and I can't afford to spend too much).

Also, where could I get a service manual or guide to replacing a Clarus (year 2000) starter-motor, please? I have searched the Web but can't find a manual for this model.

I don’t even know where I would find the starter, under the bonnet!

Thanks again for reading and for any advice available.

Any help gratefully received.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Oct 18, 2015, 1:50 AM

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Re: Kia Clarus Starter Motor problem? Sign In

Greetings. Quote you">>
I don’t even know where I would find the starter, under the bonnet! <<"
That's a tough place to begin with if you don't know how to find it you aren't apt to do much yourself about it. This exact car isn't sold to the US so limits regulars here on specifics but not for checks you might be able to do.

YOU claim battery is charged and OK but how? Not because dash lights are bright which means almost nothing.
You've left clues that starter was "lazy" for a while whatever that means exactly and capable of doing no response at all or a noise.
This may not be a starter at all as you said you rolled back some and it plain worked so more likely a connection despite you thinking they are good you would clean and test them.

Before going into it too much if you had step by step procedures do you have any tools at all or access to them? I suspect NO is the answer but you tell me.

Just for now I'll suggest some things you can do without tools at all. Look at battery and determine which post is positive and which is negative and the cables attached. Follow the positive cable as it will end up at the solenoid (remote switch really to starter) usually on top of the starter and the negative cables most usually end up at the engine block or at least something metal attached well to engine block. All those connections must be clean and good.
No tools you could just gently tug on the cable and I mean gently right at any of those and there's a chance since it can start one will make it start again and that's the first one to tend to. If you really think battery cable connections are good at battery the one at the solenoid is down lower and most likely now to be weak. It a tug test works there spray it with something targeting connection with like WD-40 at least which most people should have and that would at least help if someone else is going to take it off and fix it.

You usually can find YouTube clips on your specific car and engine on replacing a starter which would show you where it is and how but fewer would discuss any complications such as the fastener breaking off or how to test out wires that you are already expected to know.

IDK -if wrong say so. If I'm right this job really isn't for you even with a cheaper, used or rebuilt starter you need tools to know it and tools to do it that even if fairly simple may exceed just having this done for you,


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