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Is my '05 Ford Focus even worth fixing?

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Sep 11, 2015, 7:44 AM

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Is my '05 Ford Focus even worth fixing? Sign In

Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Here's the deal.

I have a '05 Ford Focus ZX5 (hatchback) 2.0l and it's at 118,498 miles, transmission was rebuilt about a year and a half ago, regular oil changes, etc., I'm told the engine has a nice idle and is doing well (I'm auto illiterate, sorry)

Here's a list of all the things wrong with it that need to be repaired of replaced..

Rotor (driver, front)
Caliper (driver, front)
Wheel bearings (got this weird sound mechanics can't figure out, replaced once and didn't go away)
Rear brakes
CV Joints (car is wobbling at low speeds?)
New wheels and tires (mine are dented to hell)
Top vents for AC/heater do not work
Spark Plug seals (idk what they're called, two are rotted away. Not accelerating as it should.)

I have a guy who can do most of the work cheaply, but even with that money is still hard to come by for parts. As dumpy as it looks, I love this little car but I'm not sure if it's worth it at this mileage. Any advice?

Tom Greenleaf
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Sep 11, 2015, 8:35 AM

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Re: Is my '05 Ford Focus even worth fixing? Sign In

You personally do not need to be very "auto literate" to understand what feels and looks right or not and how it should behave I hope.

Who made up that list? A shop with pro mechanics/techs?

OK - If you know and see problems with the front wheels and tires you may find excellent used wheels and shop for correct new tires. If those are all messed up as you say other symptoms could be confused so I'd put that on your list early.

Brakes are not suggested one side at a time. If one side has a problem the other is strongly suggested. Bearing's life expectancy IMO isn't a sure thing. Some keep going bad some never and new isn't always a long term cure? Parts can stink.
Muffler? Vehicles have "Exhaust Systems" and much of it can make noise or have assorted problems. To say "muffler" by itself is inconclusive. You may have an exhaust restriction and may need a front to rearmost pipe replacement - has to be itemized and choose a plan from a diagnosis.

Leaking seals for spark plugs is usually part of a kit for all including the valve cover gasket.
CV joints causing a "wobble?" Not the usual way they fail.
A/C vent outlet control? What exactly is the problem? Air only comes out defrost or floor or what?

You'd do well to get an itemized written diagnosis done with full pro repair costs and decide from that list what you and a helper who is qualified should take on or not.

This should include a full code reading with #s to keep handy.

Miles? It's only high miles if routine suggested maintenance was never done or a problem neglected in time.

You'll ask why all these things cost so much which is fair to know. Think about this car or another with full warranty that passes an comprehensive inspection as an alternative if this gets too close with plain math and $$ to swap out,


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