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Ignition switch is locked up

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Sep 22, 2014, 10:06 AM

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Ignition switch is locked up Sign In

I have an '85 IROC Z which has 52Kmi on it. I rarely drive it, and start it about once a month to charge the battery and circulate the fluids. I never had a problem in the past with the ignition switch, but the last time I started the car, the ignition switch would not return to the off position. I restarted the car and drove it around a bit, and worked the gear selector (automatic) from park to drive to reverse to neutral, and back to park in hopes of loosening up the safety interlock. I bought some silicone spray and will apply it to the key slot. I would appreciate any advice and information regarding this ignition binding issue. Thank you...Joe

Tom Greenleaf
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Sep 22, 2014, 10:30 AM

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Re: Ignition switch is locked up Sign In

Just ideas: It doesn't know it's in PARK obviously. Not at all sure if but would think IROC would be electric solenoid from shifter to column to allow that - safety so you don't lock wheel by mistake while moving.

Other: If at all possible get a "floating trickle" charger for battery also called a maintainer. Automatic on and off so always crisp when started and great for battery too. Do run it once in a while sure does help as well OR go nuts for long term storage if ever to be.

* IMO best "battery maintainer" is by Shumacher ~20-25$US but also Black and Decker at a Home Depot like place but definitely not as good - have many,
Pic if shows>> WallyWorld used to have them by that brand!


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