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Honda CRV idle issue

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Jul 3, 2016, 4:20 AM

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Honda CRV idle issue Sign In

Good morning guy's.

Was hoping I could get a little help or some pointers my Dad is having problem's with his CR-V.
Thought I'd post this and then have a scan through the forum.
Thanks for any reply's and help in Advance.
52 reg Honda CR-V 2.0litre Petrol Automatic.

Dads engine basically died not sure what the exact issue was, but a replacement engine was bought used I think through flee bay.
can't tell anything on the history as it was sourced and fitted by Someone he knew I believe a DIY mechanic. from what I here he does know a thing or too.
Anyway from what my dad has told me Engine came in Bloc form with chain plugs etc fitted, but everything else was connected from his old engine.
Apparently when the gear box was fitted it was dropped and casing broke. So with that second hand gear box sourced and fitted.
So everything done the car starts and runs and drives. but the problem he is having for over a month now, is that on start up the revs jump to 1,500 revs in Park and over a few second's increase to 2,000 revs for a second or two then drops back to 1,500 again. this seems to be a rinse repeat.
The guy that fitted the engine etc has apparently no idea what it is, and thus disappeared. I think he took his money and run, But I am told he isn't like that. Really !!
My dad did take it a few week's back, to a garage that he knows who are usually pretty good but they didn't really have the time to look over it but pointed towards the sensors and control valve. Unfortunately I was not around at the beginning of all this otherwise thing's would have been a little different. My dads a pensioner with disability and spent near on £1800 on this when I believe it would have been a lot less sticking it into a dealer or garage from the beginning.

So im going to try and crack this myself if possible. I do my own DIY things brake pads etc, anything that's simple. Largest project was that some years ago I Had a Freelander with K series engine and with help from a forum managed to do a dreaded Head gasket change myself. Actually stunned myself I was capable.
Just looking for some pointers and suggestions to get me started. And really hoping I can find something through this forum to help save my dad any more cost.
Besides given him an I-pad with a link to this forum so he can also do a bit of reading himself. when I Was younger I always remember him under the bonnet or legs from under a car, but disability now restrains him.

sorry for long post but thanks for reading.

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Jul 3, 2016, 9:03 AM

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Re: Honda CRV idle issue Sign In

Assuming this a 2002 year CRV?

Is the check engine light on? If so, what code number(s) is stored?

Most Honda engines back then were speed density, so surging idle could be from a vacuum leak. If you can find a shop that has a smoke machine, that will make finding any vacuum leaks a lot easier. It is also really important to make sure the valve lash is correct on those engine because it will affect manifold vacuum.

Since we volunteer our time and knowledge, we ask for you to please follow up when a problem is resolved.

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