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Highlander Engine issue with intake or vaccuum

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Oct 31, 2017, 5:49 PM

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  post locked   Highlander Engine issue with intake or vaccuum  

***I posted this earlier as a transmission issue but doesn't seem that way therefore I reposted to get help troubleshooting the engine

Highlander Limited
v6 3.0 1m-fze
233k miles

So I changed the following on my vehicle. A lot this due to the fact the car was not maintained very well prior to me and I bought it earlier this year.

Timing Belt, Water Pump, Pulleys, Idle bearing, Belt Tensioner, Spark Plugs, Valve Cover Gaskets, Cam Seals, Crank seal, Knock Sensors, Knock Sensor Wire Harness, Coolant Hoses, Intake Gaskets, Throttle Body Gasket, Air Filter, PCV Valve, Fuel Injectors Coolant, Oil.

When I rehooked the vacuum hoses I made sure to follow the diagram on the hood I had handy. I have gone through and triple checked and can't seem to find anything wrong there.

The car starts normal when hot, when cold is have a slight hesitation that doesn't seem apparent then accelerating. Though when I change to reverse sometimes it delays to change gear and the truck vibrates/rocks. Other times (even when cold) it will go right into reverse.

On a test drive I find a delayed slightly hard shift into one, then a hard shift into 3rd and a shake / jerk into 4th where the shift is delayed and the truck jerks/rocks. This continues whether engine is cold or warm.

What I feel to be honest is a vacuum or a gasket leak but I'm not sure. I changed some of the tranny fluid by simply draining and fill. Fluid was greyish pink, no shaving on the drain pan bolt.

Any ideas I will welcome with open arms. I do have a vacuum pressure gauge on the way. I also plan to use a multimeter on the Throttle Position sensor to check that. But I'm really scratching my head here.

Ran scans today, nothing comes up for DTC's.

Also to note, when I press the accelerator gently when cold, there will be a delay/hesitation and sudden boost of the engine. It's less apparent when the engine is hot. Sometimes with the delay/hesitation there will be a slight loud pop like bubble gum.

Could it be I messed up the one of the 2 intake gaskets or don't have a proper sealed.

Here is a video I took in attempt to capture it.

Hammer Time
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Oct 31, 2017, 7:14 PM

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  post locked   Re: Highlander Engine issue with intake or vaccuum  

You don't need to duplicate questions. The same people read all categories.


We offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional.

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