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Gas Tank does not fill up

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Mar 6, 2013, 1:00 PM

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Gas Tank does not fill up Sign In

1998 GMC Sonama pickup 4 cylinder 139,000 miles
The AAA mechanic came when I called when the truck wouldn't start. He said the gas tank is empty and we put 1.5 gal of gas in it. He said there was an obstruction in the gas tank. I took it to a garage with all the technical hookups to see what the problem was. They said it was the sender switch in the gas tank. They replaced it along with a fuller neck. I picked the truck up today. The gas gage said three quarters full. I went to the gas station and it would only take 3 gallons, but the gas gage will not go all the way to full. It lacks about 1/16 to the full mark. The same thing it was doing before and only taking 3 to 4 gallons. I called the garage and told them. They said the tank was full when they pulled it down and to drive it some and see if the gage would not correct itself. I don't want to get on the road and have the truck quit on me. Do you think the truck is fixed or do I still have a problem? What can I do to check it further?

Tom Greenleaf
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Mar 6, 2013, 3:22 PM

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Re: Gas Tank does not fill up Sign In

That's an annoying problem for sure. Am I following this correctly that AAA put 1.5 gallons in it that worked apparently and when gauge was replaced it was suddenly near full? Huh?

What that might be is the gas cap itself! If it can't let air in thru it or thru evap system then it's locked tight from using fuel that has do be displaced with air as you use it up.

Not reading full after the shop replaced the gauge doesn't add up with what I'm thinking either so I'm not sure that fix went properly but can't be sure of that.

Could be all wrong but I'd try filling it with a gas can which should rule out the evap system and not real sure with those funky sucker snorkel gas station pumps that could vary. For me to fill a gas can I have to hold the snorkel back or it won't pump - not all but some where I am are like that??


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