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GMC Sierra Stalling and Making Noises

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Mar 2, 2018, 6:05 PM

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GMC Sierra Stalling and Making Noises Sign In

Hello all,

Sierra 1500 4x4
5.3L Z71
101,000 Kilometers

I went to turn my car on this morning with a remote starter and it didn't start the first time. I brushed it off as it cranked with the key and everything seemed okay. I was driving to work and on about the fourth right corner I took, I felt no resistance on the pedal and the RPM started dropping as I pressed on the pedal. I didn't notice too in depth as I then started to turn and heard a gentle rough noise from within the truck approximately underneath me (transmission?). I tried to investigate this on my way to work but I couldn't get it to happen again.

On my way home from work, I was leaving and the exact same thing happened, but this time the engine completely stalled. The truck kept rolling and the electronics stayed on but the engine had gone to 0 RPM. I turned it off and back on and it hovered around 750 RPM and then the dial arm started to go down. Around 500 RPM it started to vibrate, and the truck had a noticeable vibration as well, stalling again right after. As I had to keep starting the truck to get it out of the road, I heard a few small noises from the underbelly while I was pressing the gas pedal. Nothing violent and no large clanks, but some noise. I was able to finally get it into a parking lot and let it run for approximately 30 or so minutes while waiting for a tow. While I was waiting in the parking lot, a check engine light finally came on. I had my 60$ reader on me and it came back as HO2S circuit and voltage bank. More specifically:

P0132 - O2 Sensor High Circuit Voltage
P0137 - O2 Sensor Low Circuit Voltage
P0158 - O2 Sensor High Circuit Voltage
They also contained other information on 'Bank' and 'Sensor'

I decided to take it to the normal shop. Our family has known there's for some time for personal reasons and they are all around fantastic to us. One of the mechanics decided to take it on a real shop diagnostic with me. We started the truck, he cleared the codes with his more legitimate diagnostic tool ($6k one) and of course, it wouldn't do what I had described. We went for a rough drive - hard acceleration and acceleration through corners to see if we could make it happen. We got back to the shop after he had read/seen all the data while driving. We were talking with others about what he was seeing. He mentioned that it was feeling a bit rough and that there were misfires happening on every cylinder. I mentioned that the truck also does idle rough to them. There was some speculation about O2 sensors. However, I don't understand how that would have made the noises I was hearing in the powertrain from before.

I am going to let the truck cold soak there over the weekend and they are going to call me back on Monday to see if anything has popped back up (check engine lights etc.). I know that the truck is covered under GMC's powertrain warranty until 160k KM's, so if they see anything pop up under it, then they said they will let me know and just stay away from it. I called a few dealers and they were all doing a classic "Well ya gotta bring it in and then we will see it". I'm a bit scared that they are going to charge me for another $150 diagnostic and then tell me that they didn't find anything, or that they found something that isn't under warranty.

Does anyone have any insight on the best way to go about this situation, or what is happening with the truck? Thank you.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Mar 3, 2018, 5:46 AM

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Re: GMC Sierra Stalling and Making Noises Sign In

Easy if so: Is this an aftermarket remote start device? Bet it is.

You need to (this IMO) have that removed as it's just confusing the whole show all screwed up, almost all mess up cheap junk and hacked into wiring. Now is to removing it and restoring how it tapped into wiring back to original intent or you'll just fight with that even if you can fix that now it will screw you up later again.

If you bought this new and it was already in it go back there and hope there are exact diagrams for how it invaded on the truck. Hurry as you are causing problems with it not running properly now by all rights if AFTERMARKET stuff added will be up to you if the failures are permanent,


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