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Ford Ranger 1997 many problems!

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Aug 18, 2015, 6:38 PM

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First off, I'd like to give background information. 4 days ago I went through a flooded street. Also, the battery died yesterday night after I disconnected it and accidentally broke the terminal and the battery wasn't well connected anymore so I had to push it and turn the steering wheel while it was in NEUTRAL several times while the truck was off. About an hour ago I had to push it again and turn the steering wheel A LOT to get it out of the garage to install a new terminal on the positive battery cable and jump start the battery with another truck. After I had taken it out of the garage I saw oil on the floor than came from the container that hold the power steering fluid. More background info: the truck groans when I turn the wheel to the left and right to make sharp turns or even when I am stationary. That's all the extra info you might need.
Anyway, those 4 days ago after the flooded street incident, the truck vibrated heavily whenever I accelerated but would stop afterburner reached about 20mph. I was told to let the water dry out for a few days and that'd fix the problem. It didnt. That's one issue I need help with.
Another issue is that after all the forced turning of the steering wheel while the truck was off, it now makes a really loud groaning sound almost like that of an electric guitar amplifier when it isn't connected to a guitar. Also, most to all trucks move a bit when you release the brake pedal. Mine doesn't anymore and when I accelerate it struggles to move. I feel like as if it doesn't have enough power or something. Did the water damage my engine? Did the force wheel turning damage anything?

Tom Greenleaf
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Aug 18, 2015, 10:35 PM

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Re: Ford Ranger 1997 many problems! Sign In

? How deep of water - don't lie, really, how deep? Over the center of the wheels? That's way too much. More than that? Good way to quickly total a new vehicle let alone used.

Water is cool vs the parts, many sealed bearing or not, front end parts, u-joints - more will go cold fast and suck in water that never get out and destroy those items but not in 4 days.

Did air intake suck up water into the engine? If so even higher chanced this is game over even if it runs at all.

PS turned when engine off some vehicles can lose fluid but should have be OK when fill again. Water get in there too? Fluid like a milk shake?

A lot will mater on exactly how high the water was. Was it enough to get over the starter motor? Motor will fail soon too as they are NOT water proof just water resistant like wrist watches.

Auto trans: Fluid pink like foam now too? That killed it if so or will soon.

Some things will happen right away when flooded and an assortment months later. New vehicles are totaled just parked in high water if so.

IDK, you know better how bad it was. Check everything that holds an oil, gear cases. If 4X4 those too. Early oil floats but when run it will mix up. Brake caliper will suck in water too and fail later. If rear wheel cylinder you have a chance with those.

Stinks, gotta act day one if this happens and if no fast help - few hours it could be all over for this thing,


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