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Fluctuating Oil Pressure Gauge

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New User

Aug 16, 2017, 7:58 PM

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Fluctuating Oil Pressure Gauge Sign In

Ok.. So I have a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis. When I turn the car on the oil pressure gauge acts normally, but if I have been running it for awhile, and I pull up to a stoplight, or have to idle for any period of time while in Drive and not Neutral, my Oil pressure gauge will fluctuate slightly. It doesnt' drop the whole way up and down, it just shimmies and shakes This is new for my car and I'm wondering if it's a problem foretelling bad stuff down the road or just an older car with over 200,000 miles on it showing wear and tear. Thanks in advance for letting me know what might be wrong guys

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Aug 16, 2017, 11:45 PM

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Re: Fluctuating Oil Pressure Gauge Sign In

Not sure and you can verify by mechanical oil pressure gauge. Most gauge displays by needle actual or in light are "shock absorbed" to avoid that. IDK for sure but might take a whole cluster to steady it?

Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Aug 17, 2017, 2:12 AM

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Re: Fluctuating Oil Pressure Gauge Sign In

Tom is right about testing it mechanically but is some cases it's actually cheaper and easier to just go ahead an replace the sender unit to determine if that is the problem or not.


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Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Aug 17, 2017, 7:12 AM

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Re: Fluctuating Oil Pressure Gauge Sign In

Just FYI

The stock oil pressure gauge really isn't gauging actual oil pressure. The oil pressure gauge uses an oil pressure switch just as an oil pressure light would. Fake gauge another words. Check the oil pressure switch down on the oil filter adapter and see if it is covered in oil.

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