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Faulty Brakes

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Oct 14, 2012, 9:17 AM

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Faulty Brakes Sign In

Car - Vauxhall
Model - Astra
Year - 2002
Engine - 1.4
Milage - 30000

Problem with brakes
girlfriend was driving the car and brakes went have to put foot to floor to stop she put brake fluid in and brought the car home to me

when i am pumping the brakes i hear an air noise and the brake pedal is not getting any stiffer as i pump it which i was thinking was either a brake calliper or corroded line is now gone??? what do you think and any idea on a rough cost to fix

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Oct 14, 2012, 10:14 AM

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Re: Faulty Brakes Sign In

Get it up in the air, put fluid in it and have your girl pump on the brakes while you shine a flashlight. You have a leak and it will show you itself. If the lines are rusty you should buy some bulk spools of it and a flaring tool which is cheap and make all new lines. Go from one point to the other like the factory did. Its actually cheaper than buying premade sections with unions anyway and a whole lot safer. If you try to patch one section you will just blow out the next section and it could get someone killed or at the least wreck your car. Parts to do this right are much cheaper.

I can't tell you what this will cost as not only do we not know what is wrong yet I have no idea what parts cost for this or what shops in your area charge to repair. In the states prices depend on where you are in the country and I've never seen your type of car as its not sold here.

If you plan on having someone else fix this as opposed to tackling the job yourself you will need to get it towed. It cannot stop even remotely safely and thus isn't fit to take on public roads.

Post back with what you find and if you choose to do this yourself I will give you further advice on what tools you will need to have and what to expect when you go to do this job. In my area we have a lot of rust issues and I replace a ton of brake lines, so even from across the ocean cars are still cars and rust is still rust.

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