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Chevy HHR gauges, traction, ESC, security problems.

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Renegade Ziggy
New User

Oct 11, 2016, 8:52 AM

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Chevy HHR gauges, traction, ESC, security problems. Sign In

Chevy HHR
130,000 miles.

Greetings everyone, I'll try to make this as easy a explanation as possible.

A few months ago I was driving through major road construction when I hit a large hole and jarred my car very bad. Afterwards a couple miles down the road my problems began.

All of my dash gauges began to bottom out and shoot quickly back to the top in quick succession (fuel gauge dropped to empty then would shoot back to full, speedometer dropped to zero then back to my current speed), my low fuel light, ESC light, traction control light, ABS, brake light, and security light all came on with accompanying warning text on my dash. Whenever my car attempts to shift, it stalls for a moment then lunges and shakes forward violently.

After a few days I concluded that my vehicle only does this in the early morning hours, and when I am driving through sharp left hand curves (turning my wheel to the left). When driving my car after work in the evening, it drives like a brand new car. In the morning it drives fine as long as I don't go through any sharp left curves.

The battery is brand new and running fine, I've had new wheelbearings, new ignition put in, the works, and no mechanic can figure out the problem. My struts are bad and need changed ASAP.

I read online of a guy having a similar problem and he mentioned the mechanics discovering the problem being a BUS wire or something. A cheap fix, the trouble is finding it. I've brought that up to mechanics and they all look at me with confused looks and even a few said there's no such thing.

Any and all help is appreciated, let me know if more info is needed.

kev2 profile image

Oct 11, 2016, 9:07 AM

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Re: Chevy HHR gauges, traction, ESC, security problems. Sign In

lets start simple and see if we can find a cause...
Scan for codes, YES even if light is off -
The vehicle is STOCK - no added BS such as remote start, alarm, chips ANYTHING not original is suspect.
Explain "new ignition" ?
Everything works ? Horn, cruise control.

Renegade Ziggy
New User

Oct 11, 2016, 9:31 AM

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Re: Chevy HHR gauges, traction, ESC, security problems. Sign In

Only light not on is check engine light. Checked for codes numerous times, nothing. Everything is stock and everything works fine, horn, CC, it's all good.

New ignition switch.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
Tom Greenleaf profile image

Oct 11, 2016, 9:42 AM

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Re: Chevy HHR gauges, traction, ESC, security problems. Sign In

To my I consider this an accident with damage. First thing would be get it up overhead and look for obvious impact damage, wires involved and about anything.
IDK - Unless this was a "drive at your own risk" spot and some are you may have a claim on the construction set up.

Seriously - you may just find some wiring damaged or something so easy not worth wild aggravation of a claim if even possible?

Check - there must be some physical damage to look at by your description.

Your call - take pics and document time and place as best you can,


Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
Discretesignals profile image

Oct 11, 2016, 10:14 AM

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Re: Chevy HHR gauges, traction, ESC, security problems. Sign In

They need to do a full system scan of all the modules in the vehicle. It requires the OEM or enhanced scan tool.

The "bus" is actually called a data bus. A data bus is a circuit that allows two or more computers (modules) to communicate with each other. If your mechanic's don't know what a bus is, you need to find a more specialized shop that does drive-ability and electrical.

Since we volunteer our time and knowledge, we ask for you to please follow up when a problem is resolved.

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