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Car turns off when driving!

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Apr 15, 2016, 4:34 AM

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Car turns off when driving! Sign In

When I got my car it happened first after a week of driving then after it just does it randomly so it can go for two weeks without turning off then one day it will turn off twice (very sporadic). I had a mechanic plug in this computer that shows up codes with what is wrong and it pointed out that the spark plugs and crankshaft sensor need replacing. After replacing those things the car still randomly turns off. It will sometimes turn off when I'm in gear just driving down a road or sometimes when I downshift. More specifically when I push the clutch pedal down and put it in the lower gear before engaging the revs obviously fall down but instead of falling to idle revs it keeps falling (clutch pedal still pressed down) if I let it go down it will turn off but I can salvage it by giving the car some gas whilst releasing the clutch. Once my car turned of but I engaged the clutch whilst reving and the car turned on by itself. Does anyone know what could be the cause of this problem. I've heard that the computer that give you the problem codes are not coordinated with the fuel pump and filter so I was wondering if that could be the problem? I have a Ford fiesta 2004 1.25 16v 3dr

Thank you in advance for any answers :).

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Apr 15, 2016, 4:48 AM

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Re: Car turns off when driving! Sign In

You or your mechanic needs to find out what goes missing before the stall (spark, fuel injection, fuel delievery, ect). Might require the use of an oscilloscope. Intermittent stalling can be one of the trickiest problems to figure out. That vehicle isn't sold here in the states, so advice may be limited. Just to let you know, trouble codes don't tell you what needs to be replaced. They assist in determining which system is causing trouble and should be checked out. If the crank sensor trouble code comes back, maybe your tech should scope the crank sensor signal and see what happens during the stall.

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