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Car Alarm Problem

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Aug 11, 2009, 7:25 AM

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Car Alarm Problem Sign In

Vauxhall/ Opel
1.8 sri
32,000 miles


I currently have a problem with de-activating my car alarm. Today when I went to unlock my car doors by pressing the unlock button on the key fob, I found that the doors wouldn't unlock (car has central locking, electronic immobilser and a thatcham approved alarm). So I decided to use the key in the door to manually unlock which worked and both doors unlocked, however I could see the red car alarm light flashing (meaning that the alarm hadn't been deactivated).
So as soon as I opened the car door and got in the alarm went blaring off so loud I had to cover my ears. I checked in the manual, and it doesn't mention anything about being able to de-activate the alarm without using the fob or disconnecting the vehicle battery.
I got out of the car and shut the door and the alarm stopped blaring, but both indicator lights wouldn't turn off. I also couldn't start the car when the alarm was going on either.
I managed to open the key fob and found a small penny 3V battery, which I assume must have died. My question is, assuming I found a suitable replacement, would the key fob (car has an electronic alarm and immobiliser) need reprogramming all over again or is literally a case of changing the battery and it should work? I had a friend who was literally passing by to lend me some assistance and we tried swapping his keyfob battery from his Audi into mine and the doors wouldn't unlock or de-activate the alarm with his battery.

My question is, are all batteries different for different fobs/ car makes etc, or can they be interchanged? Is there another way to de-activate the alarm that I haven't thought of?

Also another big worry I have is that I have had to leave the car locked, with the alarm activated but with both indicator lights flashing which means the battery is going to go flat overnight (12 hours) and probably require a jumpstart as soon as I get the alarm turned off somehow.

Can someone provide me with some assistance?

Many thanks.

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