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Cant go in reverse.. Torque converter?

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Jul 2, 2012, 9:57 AM

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Cant go in reverse.. Torque converter? Sign In

Year of vehicle 1995
Make of vehicle Chevrolet
Model of vehicle camaro
Engine size 5.7
Mileage/Kilometers - 153k, new lt1 was placed in it 30k miles ago.

I was parked, started my 95 lt1 camaro up, and heard a winding up noise from somewhere under the back rear side of the engine, luckly I had a friend with me who is a good mechanic and at first said he thought the lifters went bad inside the engine, however when I gave it a little gas, the winding up noise went away, but would come back slowly then the sound would start speeding up. He told me to put it into drive, and the noise went away and the car was able to go forward, it wasnt until I put the car in reverse or neutral that the winding up noise would start and I wasn't able to go in reverse at all. After pushing the car and getting out, there was a little winding up noise when we were driving and i let go of the gas, but it hasn't made any more of it when driving. Him and someone else told me they think the torque converter went bad.

Later that night, I tried reverse and neutral, and the noise went away, but giving it gas in reverse didn't move the car, in reverse it would just slowly move back on its own.

The morning after i tested it, no wind up noise in reverse or neutral, and at first it did move back on its own in reverse. I then put it in drive, moved up a little, stopped, put it in reverse, and it doesn't move at all. I also didn't hear the same winding up noise, but rather an alot softer almost fan like spinning noise.

It seems now that there is no noise when idling in reverse, just a fan like spinning noise when i give it gas in reverse. It also seems to move in reverse very slowly sometimes on its own.

I also will say that before when i would put it in reverse, there would always be like a 2-4 second delay and you could really feel something in the car move/turn over before going in reverse.

Could this be the TC? How much would one cost? Don't I have to get one with a higher stall speed then my lowest rpm or something?

I also checked the transmission fluid, its barely past the warm line, should i add like a quart or so?

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Jul 2, 2012, 5:41 PM

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Re: Cant go in reverse.. Torque converter? [In reply to] Sign In

Your torque convertor isn't the problem. Your trans is junk. You'll be getting a new torque convertor with the new one. Be sure to fully flush the oil cooler or the next one will be trashed too.

Cant go in reverse.. Torque converter?

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