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CEL light - misfire cylenders & EVAP system - 2002 Celica

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Oct 14, 2014, 8:06 AM

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CEL light - misfire cylenders & EVAP system - 2002 Celica Sign In

2002 Toyota Celica
(Regular - non-GT)
130K miles

Car recently had intake manifold gasket and some other gasket replaces for a lean CEL code. Like a few months ago.

Then had a rattling noise that turned out to be loose metal in clutch assembly so that was replaces along with an axel they couldn't get back on... that was a few weeks ago...

Now CEL is back on and its misfires on cylinders 1,3, 4 and an EVAP system issue. (Just had precision tune read the codes... The shop I trust is farther away and I need to make appt so have not had it looked at yet)

Anyway in the meantime I am wondering if anyone has any insight... I understand this could probably be a lot of different things but curious if anyone can give me an idea of the likely hood it is something really expensive vs something minor....

FYI the car has been driving just fine. Only issue is I filled it up with gas yesterday and for a couple minutes it had a funky sputtery idle and would stall if I didn't keep the gas pressed lightly.

Hammer Time
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Oct 14, 2014, 8:51 AM

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Re: CEL light - misfire cylenders & EVAP system - 2002 Celica Sign In

The EVAP code is unrelated to the engine issue but someone is going to have to manually determine what is causing those misfires. They will have to first isolate whether it's spark, fuel or compression triggering it.


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