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Burning Oil

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Feb 5, 2013, 6:14 PM

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Burning Oil Sign In

So i have an 02 Altima that I bought on the 17th of January as is no warranty, it supposedly has 64,000 miles on the engine but car reads 205,000. Anyway... car runs fine. But I'm burning oil and I hear some noises. I know when its low on oil it will buzz when I start it up. I recently changed my spark plugs out 2/4 appeared to be fouled and a few of my plugs had oil in them when I took them out. In about a weeks time I drove about 400 miles total and went from 4.2 quarts of oil or whatever the car took I can't remember to pretty much nothing, I just threw in some crappy Super tech 10w30 for now since its burning oil so fast. I had put 5w30 synthetic penzoil in but it burnt all of that out. As of today I put 3 quartz in just to run to the store(5 miles) and back, and it sounds like running water or air coming from under the hood when I sit in the car I hear it. I also noticed like a metal sound coming from somewhere under my hood not sure what that is either. Sometimes when I drive with the window down I smell gas I think maybe I have an exhaust leak because the exhaust has a bit more noise to it than most cars I've driven. But I am unsure where this oil is going. I thought possibly the spark plug tube seals are bad but I'm just not sure. The car has read "cylinder 3 misfire" and I never feel a misfire and ironically cylinder 3 did not have any oil on the plug when I pulled it.

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Feb 5, 2013, 8:35 PM

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Re: Burning Oil Sign In

If you're going through that much oil its time to do a compression test, both dry and wet. post the results of both numbers. Are you 100% that you have absolutely no leaks that are contributing to this? If not, you are going to wreck the 02 sensors and the cat in record time if this is burning that amount of oil.

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