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Blower motor and power window trouble? FUSE?

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Jan 11, 2013, 8:08 PM

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Blower motor and power window trouble? FUSE? Sign In

Your question: " 2004 Dodge Stratus Sedan Got in my car 2 days ago, started it and my daughter rolled the window down.. I tried to roll it back up and nothing. I also noticed the blower motor (which I have had replaced 1yr ago) was not coming on, and I couldn't charge my phone.. Everything else fine, this was at night so I didn't feel as if it was altenator because no dimming of lights and haven't had any trouble thus far... The car still would start up just fine after sitting for 2 days and lights and everything work fine. I replaced the #1 Blower motor fuse located inside the car and nothing, also noticed the circuit breaker fuse #19 that said power windows.. I had some trouble finding this, and had to order one from my local Dodge dealer.. He had some trouble locating it in his system as well.. I came to pick up the fuse and It was a 20 amp instead of the 30 amp my manual called for. I even gave him the part number on the old one and all he could tell me was that per his computer it said the stratus only needed a 20 amp??? I brought it home replaced it and nothing new.. Did a google research and found a sebring with similiar issues, they recommended changing the #1 40 amp fuse under the hood, did that voila finally blower motor works.. I can now roll the window up in the back, although it will only work by being controlled by that window panel.. The driver window panel will not roll it down but will roll the others down? I am at a loss here.. Also now when I roll the windows down the lights dim inside the car. I put the old 30 amp circuit breaker back in the car, could it still be going bad? Please Help.

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Jan 12, 2013, 6:07 AM

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Re: Blower motor and power window trouble? FUSE? Sign In

Why are you changing out breakers and fuses when you aren't checking for voltage going in and out with a test light?

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