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A/C, heater blower motor not working

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New User

Oct 25, 2012, 8:27 PM

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A/C, heater blower motor not working Sign In

This is going to be a little long, so please bare with me.
I have a 2001 Ford Escort 2.0, it was given to me by my sister. When she first gave it to me, the ac/heater blew air but it was always hot. Recently, I went on a trip with my eldest son, I left the car with a friend. They hit a dip really hard, causing the power steering hose-pressure assembly to break. I fixed the problem. When my husband and I drove the car, we tried to turn on the heater and found that no air was coming out of the vents, it used to work before. I thought it may be a faulty resistor and replaced it, I then replaced the fuse (15A). I then replaced the blower motor, all looked really bad, especially the resistor and motor. It still doesn't work. I cant afford to keep replacing everything.
When I turn the switch as I'm looking just under the passenger side dash behind the a/c unit, I can hear something moving and see a very slender post like thing moving towards me when I turn it to the heater and away from me when I turn it to the a/c, so I don't think it is the switch, I can feel hot air, it's just not blowing through the vents, ac feels warm too, still no cold air, but again, no air coming through vents.
I went online to look up the blower motor relay to see if it wasn't too expensive to replace but saw that the one in the picture doesn't look like the one I pulled out from under the dash just left of the steering wheel, that one has two prongs where as the one in the picture online has four going in different directions, so I called the dealership and gave them the part number on the side of the relay I pulled (30A), they have to order it and it costs $55. I hate to spend that much money only to find that that is not the problem, I have already spent a little over $100, that is a lot of money for us right now. So that brings me to my questions:
1. What are the other possibilities?
2. How can I get the relay that I pulled out of my car tested to see if that is the problem before I spend more money?
3. What is the four prong blower motor relay that keeps coming up online as the one for my car, and where does that one go?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated and detailed answers would be wonderful since I am not a mechanic and am doing all the work myself.

Thank You Dearly in advance.

Hammer Time
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Oct 26, 2012, 3:29 AM

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Re: A/C, heater blower motor not working Sign In

Use a test light and test for power and ground arriving at the blower motor with it turned on and see which one you are missing and we can go from there.


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