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95 nissan idleing and acceleration problem

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Anonymous Poster

Dec 17, 2008, 12:37 PM

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a bit about the car's history, and things i've noticed:

i have a 95 nissan altima
when i first noticed a problem with the car, i was at a red light and it began to jar and mist a bit

i've noticed a lack in it's ability to accelerate properly. every so 20 mph it picks up, it has a pull to it- i have no other way to describe it
when i am at a stop my car shakes, and idles really bad (to the point where the person in the car next to me could notice)

the transmission has been replaced by the previous owner

once i was in traffic and heard a squealing sound and it began to idle tremendously ; i thought it was going to die

another time i was making a right turn and heard a popping sound
and a few raddelling noises, but these only happened once and i haven't heard any more

also, it would use a lot of power steering fluid, but as of my and the mechanics knowledge that is no longer a problem

the local mechanic who looked at it for me was for certain it was a suspension problem- something to do with the lower right control arm control bushin
which i just replaced- a nearly $300 part that did me little good(no popping sound when i turn )

it still mist, idles, and shakes when i come to a stop, there is no difference in the acceleration
and I'm wondering if maybe all it needs is a tune up, or spark plugs?
maybe something to do with the fuel injector or sensor?

it's driving me crazy, so please give me some advice before i spend $300 on another somewhat unnecessary part


Dec 17, 2008, 12:46 PM

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well you would be the best judge as to wether or not it needs a tune up. when was the last time it had one??????

are there any check engine lights on in the dash?

seems like you had a whole bunch of problems together

the popping noise was indeed the suspension components
the screeching noise was probably your serpentine belt, and im guessing your power steering pump probably seized up since there is no fluid in it. Power steering leaks only stop leaking when all the fluid has leaked out. (try saying that 3x fast)

as far as the engine idle/accel problems
check airfilter
fuel filter
engine/trans mounts (more for rough idle shaking the car)
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Anonymous Poster

Dec 17, 2008, 11:01 PM

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Re: 95 nissan idleing and acceleration problem Sign In

thanks so much for your reply
honestly i have no idea when the car last had a tune up or even an oil change, i haven't had but a few weeks
another person mentioned about checking for a puddle of oil under the distributor;the oil looks fine and hardly uses any at all, i've seen no "puddles"
but i guess the smartest thing would be to have all of the basics checked and go from there
which i should have done in the first place, i'll admit.
thanks again

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Anonymous Poster

Jan 16, 2009, 9:25 AM

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Re: 95 nissan idleing and acceleration problem Sign In

I had the same situation wich caused me to fail the Smog test. High idle on neutral sounded like crap.
I was told to replace the CAT the EGR redo the pistons and so on...
After some research I run my car toburn all of the fuel in the tank.
REFUELED with PREMIUM as i had previously used REGULAR , guess what? The idle drop to a perfect
silent and smooth Two degrees down, i drove to the
Test and Passed it. Best of luck.

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