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94 Honda civic ex 1.6 vtec will not idle and dies if you try to drive it

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Mar 22, 2013, 6:46 PM

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Ok I've got a 94 civic 1.6 vtec that will not idle and dies when u try to drive it. It's a manual transmission and it has about 266,000 on it. New parts that I have replaced:
Distributor cap
Fuel pump
Fuel filter
Main relay

Parts that look new that I did not replace:
Dist rotor
Ignition coil
Map sensor

Here's the run down. Went to start it one morning and nothing. Fuel pump did not come on and you could not hear the main relay click at all. Instead of re soldering the relay I went ahead and put a new one in. Checked it and it was clicking just as it should and I was getting 12v to the fuel pump. Turned the key on and fuel pump still did not prime so I replaced the pump thinking this was it because I confirmed I was getting juice to the pump. Turned the key on and still nothing. Checked fuses 31 and 24 and all good. Checked for broken grounds all the way down to the relay and all is good. So I wired my pump directly to the battery with a toggle and it fired right up and ran smooth for 4 days. Leaving work after driving it for bout 45 mins it started to misfire just a little like a fouled plug. I'd give it a little gas and it would straighten up for a short time and then miss again. Got new plugs wires and dist cap on the way home and changed them when I got home. Car stayed parked for bout an hour and I went to crank it and it idled real rough and would die if I gave it gas. I rechecked my wires and cap and everything is as it should be. I crank it again and the same results. Low rough idle or will not idle at all and sputters bad and dies out if I give it any gas. If I play with the gas pedal and tap it lightly I can get it up to about 4000 rpm but its not smooth. If I try to drive it it dies on me even if I play with the gas. It will not idle at all now unless I play with the gas. Its not throwing ANY cel codes. Any ideas? I don't have a way to test fuel pressure. Could the pump being direct wired have anything to do with it? Maybe iacv went out? I really need a Honda guru right now!!!!

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Mar 23, 2013, 6:51 AM

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Re: 94 Honda civic ex 1.6 vtec will not idle and dies if you try to drive it Sign In

You need to check fuel pressure with a gauge. Your going to need adapters. You also need to figure out why the pump doesn't run with it wired the way it is supposed to be. You may need to take it to a shop and let them diagnose it if you don't have the tools.

You don't want your pump wired directly to battery. That is a major safety issue.

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