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92 Cutlass Supreme Starting Problems: Please Help!!

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Jun 15, 2006, 8:40 AM

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92 Cutlass Supreme Starting Problems: Please Help!! Sign In

my mom has a 92 olds cutlass supremem 6 cyl. Her car will start only when it wants too and that is not very often. When it doesnt start, nothing happens when you turn the key except for clicking under the hood on the drivers side by the engine somewhere, not the starter. I took the starter off and had it checked, it was fine. I put it back on and the car started perfectly. I turned it off and tried to restart and it would not turn over at all. I thought that maybe the starter was going bad so I bought a new one just to test it with. I hooked it up and it also did not turn over. I put a test light up to the wiring on the starter and the test light came on when the key was turned. I dont think that the car has a starter relay? I thought that it might be the neutral safety switch, I think that it is located where I hear the ticking when the key it turned. I dont know what else to check, please help.

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Jun 15, 2006, 11:42 AM

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Here’s a few tests you could try; with a test light connected to ground and someone holding the key in the start position. The test light should light at the S terminal of the starter (purple wire). The way it sounds you’ve all ready did this and you have power getting to the solenoid. If so then the neutral safety switch is ok.
Next I would do voltage drop tests across the positive and negative cables.
Connect the voltmeter as I tried to show in the wiring diagram. The voltmeter will/should show zero volts; have someone turn the ignition to the start position and hold it there. You should see no more then .25 (decimal 25) of a volt. Any more then that you have an open in the cable or a bad connection.
For example, if you connect the voltmeter from battery positive to the starters main positive terminal, turn the ignition to the start position and have 4 volts showing. Look for corroded connections, if connections are clean and tight replace the cable. Same goes for the ground cable.

Canadian "EH"

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Dec 30, 2006, 2:25 PM

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Re: 92 Cutlass Supreme Starting Problems: Please Help!! [In reply to] Sign In

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a possibility: i have a 91 supreme 6 cyl, that also has an 'intermittent' starting problem that sounds a lot like yours--if your mom has a tilt-steering wheel, the wire connections in the column can become worn/frayed from the adjusting movement. try turning the steering wheel a little when you turn the key. [also, check her ignition key--could be time to replace it if edges are worn, not making good contact].

92 Cutlass Supreme Starting Problems: Please Help!!

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