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89 accord accelerating problems

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Oct 6, 2013, 1:51 PM

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89 accord accelerating problems Sign In

I have an 89 accord lxi 2.0 fuel injected in the past week the timing belt, water pump, ignition coil, spark plugs and distributer have all been replaced. It starts and runs but it idles rough and when I try to accelerate there's hesitation and my rpms are high(when I finally reach 35mph I'm at about 3500-4000 and at 45mph I'm at about 2500rpms) it feels like a clogged cat but everything appears fine at the exhaust. Also when I shift into drive you can hear a slight rattling noise coming from somewhere toward the back end. someone suggested limp mode but I'm not exactly sure what that means. The cel isn't on nor are and gear lights blinking. so far ive checked the air filter, oil filter, vacuumm, fuel pump, main relay and the timing but no improvements I'm lost and have no idea what to check next. Any ideas? I'm trying to avoid putting a lot more money into it afterall it is an 89. I'm. open to any suggest ions??

Tom Greenleaf
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Oct 6, 2013, 3:18 PM

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Re: 89 accord accelerating problems Sign In

I doubt but not sure this car has a "limp" mode. You said you checked vacuum - for leaks or what?

Yes some is behaving like exhaust restriction not always the converter. Is a pipe bent up badly - it could easily be the noise too?

You can check for exhaust restriction by loosening the exhaust before converter OR checking actual manifold vacuum with a "T" in line. Should get 18+ @ sea level and the same without load if idle is held at 2,000. If lower at higher RPM it's restricted but you still don't know where,


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