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2 cylinders not firing in 1993 Geo Storm

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Apr 7, 2015, 7:26 AM

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2 cylinders not firing in 1993 Geo Storm Sign In

Hi everyone!

1993 Geo Storm

I lost power one day (rather quickly) while on the highway (had a hard time getting home: Driving is jerky and acceleration is very bad. Would stall or often come close to stalling at idle.

Checked and it appears as though it's running on 2 cylinders. While its running, if I pull the second or third spark plug wires, there's no change to how it's running (if I pull the first or fourth, it'll stall.) When you start you can kind of hear that you've got cylinders not firing.

I replaced the fuel filter (no change).

I checked the fuel line/hose and the fuel pump (post-filter) is putting out plenty of fuel.

Swapped spark plugs across the cylinders, no change. Still the second and third that seem to have problems.

All sparks going from the plug wires to the plugs are blue.

Checked for any arcing across the spark plug wires, none.

Checked resistance in the camshaft position sensor, all is fine there. (Note: about a year ago, the ignition module burnt out and was replaced.)

Checked the resistance in the ignition coil. Primary was fine, but secondary was at ~7K ohms, where it's supposed to be 11-15K according to the manufacturer. I replaced the ignition coil, but no change.

Cleaned the contacts in the distributor cap, no change. Replaced the cap and rotor, no change.

Took a look at the spark on each spark plug, the sparks (in daylight) were quite orange, with only one or two of the plugs with a blue spark (blue spark inside an orange arc). Curious though, seeing as how I get no change when I swap them.

Replaced the spark plugs, no change.

Resistance is 12ohm across all four fuel injectors.

The voltage to the injectors seems to bounce around 7 to 9V for all of them when grounded to the pin in the connector. When grounded to the negative battery terminal, they all read a consistent 10V (EDIT: the battery was weak from being on all day, later I had them at 12V when the battery got back to proper voltage.)

Want to take a look at the injectors, maybe swap them if I can.

Any ideas as to what could be investigated are very much appreciated. Thank you!

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