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2015 Passat 1.8T, Tons of issues (rough idle, misfire etc)

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Aug 29, 2018, 6:11 AM

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2015 Passat 1.8T, Tons of issues (rough idle, misfire etc) Sign In

My 2015 VW Passat (1.8T) was / is having some major problems. Most of which match up with what you would expect from a bad PCV valve. Last week my car started idling so rough that it died a few times at stop lights. I was able to restart it, but had to keep it in park giving it some gas until the light turned green. I had a rough idle issue last may and the dealer "fixed it", although obviously it cropped back up. (new coils, plugs, chemical induction cleaning) I ended up taking it into a local shop to save money as the last trip to VW cost me 1,000 (and the problem came back after the work they did obviously).

So they replaced the PCV assembly (it's a bit more complex than just valve it seems). It didn't work, everything is not only the same but much worse. Now its braking a bit weird, the A/C doesn't cool and I have gotten a "stability control error" message. The mechanic had no idea what was going on as the PCV assembly's replacement shouldn't have effected anything else. And recommended I take it to the dealership.

So as far as the codes coming up:

17178-U112300 : Data-Bus Error Value Received
15128-P030200 : Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected
26384-U112300 : Data-Bus Error Value Received
22049-U042400 : Invalid Data Received from HVAC Control Module

I am not sure if there is anything more in depth that can be found with the codes. Or if anyone has any ideas on whats going on. It was mentioned to me that sometimes when there is a misfire it can "trip" things like the A/C on purpose to ease up on the engine. And I assume the misfire is causing all the idle issues? It "seems" OK on the highway.

I am taking it in to the dealer today, but was hoping to get some kind of idea on what to expect. Thank you guys!

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