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2009 Elantra electrical issues

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May 13, 2015, 9:40 PM

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2009 Elantra electrical issues Sign In

So my 2009 hyundai elantra (80K miles) has been acting progressively strange these past few months. At first, it seemed like simple things like slight dimming of my interior lights. As it's gotten hotter out (I live in Florida) the problems have gotten way worse. The locking remote will sometimes fail to lock the driver's side door or even any of the doors at times, the AC will cut on and off, and I've had my radio reset on me which is leading me to believe the battery disconnected at some point. There is also sometimes a lag when I try turning the interior lights on. I haven't had any startup issues yet and it's mostly minor annoyances, but I fear it's leading to a bigger problem. I took it to an auto parts store to test the battery and alternator, the test showed that the battery was pretty low and the alternator appeared to be the issue causing it. I got a trickle charger hooked up to battery and let it sit until the battery was about full, but the problems still persist.

I know very little about cars, just that mine is getting sick Frown so excuse any strange terminology. Thank you!

Edit: I have not had any warning lights show up. The lady who tested the battery and alternator said it was most likely the alternator and told me the same thing happened to her a month or so ago. I just wanted to get more opinions since she seemed a little unprofessional with the diagnosis.

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Tom Greenleaf
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May 14, 2015, 7:46 AM

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Re: 2009 Elantra electrical issues Sign In

? First thing to rule out is battery cables and clean connection + general condition of them. If your radio reset it did lose total power and might still start up with the load just get warm/hot at a weak or dirty spot and make it?

Alternator requires a good battery and good connection to it as well or wont charge enough or at all.

A lot could be found by cleaning and a 12V cheap millimeter and add a test light.

No codes or warnings may be it's resetting all codes but would think if running would still work at least if charge when running is a gauge should work and if that bad read low or read it with the multimeter while off and again while running for the voltages,


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