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2008 Audi Q7 won't start

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New User

Sep 18, 2019, 3:31 PM

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2008 Audi Q7 won't start Sign In

Hi there, I have a Audi Q7 recently I drove the car from my driveway and the car just shut off, the steering wheel and the brake becomes hard. I was lucky enough to have no car around me. After that the car won't turn on, the light on dash looks fine but when I turn the key no sound at all. Couple minutes later I was able to turn the car back on again. I took to the dealer they couldn't find anything. Some one please help and tell me what might be the problem


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Tom Greenleaf
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Sep 19, 2019, 1:51 AM

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Re: 2008 Audi Q7 won't start Sign In

I suggest you acquaint yourself as to what to expect a vehicle of any sort what is going on that makes it run at all. Of course no assisted steering or brakes if engine isn't running if a surprise to you on just that speaks volumes.
No engine, nothing is going to work.
Dealer could have checked things out and found something IDK what or how that went but clearly you can't rust this right now.
#1 its about a 12 year old for a vehicle a list of things should have been done along the way listed out in owner's/operator's manual that nobody pays any attention to.

Included or omitted is the battery that starts vehicles is the bare bone essential to have right, known in good shape and pay attention to how old they fail by age and or lack on attention. No power "delivered" nothing is going to work.
This one seemed to disconnect, vehicle shut down and worked again later is a clue of some alarm feature you might have or connections to plain battery isn't so great would be first on my list to check out, clean up and verify is all OK.

It may have lost some memory of features the car has you didn't say? That would be another clue.
I can't compete with a tech or shop with it right in front of them with your description of what it did would chase that down first. It's also a pricey "Euro" car is a bit more fussy and costly than others but all types are included for just that.
OK: How about try an independent shop with the description of what happened to fix the immediate issue and learn what to expect from the specific vehicle plus what you should be maintaining right along and keeping track of what was done when. If nothing known now start from now and listed services this car should have had by both time and miles,


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