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2007 Toyota Yaris - Tire Size Question

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New User

Aug 19, 2008, 6:35 PM

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2007 Toyota Yaris - Tire Size Question Sign In

Greetings. Since I know absolutely nothing but tire sizes except that the last number represents the wheel size, I had a question about them. A friend of mine has four tires in great shape from a 2002 Toyota Corolla that he is no longer using. He actually removed them shortly after buying the car. I have a 2007 Toyota Yaris Sedan that has the same size wheel and is ready for new tires. The Yaris came equipped with 185/60R15 tires and the tires from the 02 Corolla are sized 185/65R15. Will the Corolla tires fit the Yaris properly? Is there a big difference between the 60 and 65 values? Is there a size range that will work for the Yaris or do you need to stick to the size that came with the car or else? Any assistance would be appreciated. Free tires are always a good thing. Thanks in advance.

Jeff Norfolk
Jeff Norfolk profile image

Aug 19, 2008, 7:51 PM

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Re: 2007 Toyota Yaris - Tire Size Question Sign In

Free tires?! Thats great!! They should work fine. The first number in the tire size is the section width(sidewall to sidewall). The second number in the tire size is the aspect ratio. Meaning the sidewall hight form the rim to the tread. This number is a percentage of the width. Therefor the 185/60r15 is a bit shorter in overall diameter than the 185/65r15. Not by much, a bit less than a half an inch. This difference should not matter much except for you speedometer and gas mileage. Both will be off a small amount. Different tire manufactures have different tire casing sizes so the same tire size can vary from manufacture to manufacture. That being said it should still work fine.

Veteran / Moderator
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Aug 20, 2008, 4:31 AM

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Re: 2007 Toyota Yaris - Tire Size Question Sign In

Free tires are always a bonus and like Jeff has said they will likely work without any real issues.
And now for the but; even thou these tires probably look like new tires (tread wise), I would have a concern with their age.
What I’ve been going by and this is becoming an industry standard.
If the tire is 6 or more years old, it should come off the road. From the time that the rubber has been processed and then molded into a tire; it begins to dry out and degrade. Get old tires hot from pounding down the road at 60-70 miles an hour; it could come apart. We’ve all seen chunks of tires laying all over the highways.

There is a date stamp on one side of every tire; look for the DOT #, at the end of that you’ll see an oval with a set of four numbers inside the oval. These numbers represent the week & year the tire was made in.
2304 would stand for the 23 week of 2004.
Even when buying “new” tires off the rack, check the date code. I’ve had tires delivered here to the shop that were actually 3 or more years old. They have never been on a vehicle but they are not new in my opinion and I send them back.
So far here in Canada (I don’t know about the States?) there are no regulations on tires, other then tread depth; so it’s buyer beware.


Canadian "EH"

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Anonymous Poster

Aug 21, 2008, 6:44 AM

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Re: 2007 Toyota Yaris - Tire Size Question Sign In

Thanks for the advice. The date stamp says 0504, so they are not as old as the Corolla which is good. He bought the car used so it makes sense. Think they are still worth using? They have been kept indoors in a heated basement since 04.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Aug 21, 2008, 7:45 AM

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Re: 2007 Toyota Yaris - Tire Size Question Sign In

Hmmm? The appeal of "free" sure is catchy isn't it? History sounds good. How good are the used ones anyway? The slight size difference still bugs me a bit still. Tires by brand can be a bit different size also and treadwear from new to last legal tread makes a difference too.

If this was a utility truck I'd say absolutely yes and go for it. It's a car so I'm abstaining unless that size is a listed size as a choice by car manufacturer. It's going to cost you something to try and dispose of tires isn't free where I am anyway.

Dan - as far as I know the states are not regulating tires by age - YET....


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