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2007 Silverado 5.3 4X4 front left diff bearing

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Mar 18, 2015, 7:56 PM

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2007 Silverado 5.3 4X4 front left diff bearing Sign In

Hope everyone is doing well.

I helped a buddy replace the left front diff seal a month or so ago. It was still leaking so he asked me to take a look at it. Come to find out the seal wore a lip in the shaft. I have a new one that will be here tomorrow. He told me he would like a new needle bearing installed in the diff since it'll have a new inner shaft. Bearing seems fine but whatever he wants to do is fine with me. Looking at the bearing there's a washer looking thing over the edge of the bearing that would have to be removed. There's a tab that is bent over the washer. Before I go prying on it I want to make sure that that tab and washer don't have anything to do with any kind of preload or anything. I don't think there is, but having never done one on the front diff, I figured I'd check first. Alldata doesn't mention anything about the tab, preload, or anything else excepting removing the bearing. The tab kind of protrudes through a small hole and looks to go inside the diff. It's not your normal tab where you can see where it was punched out. That might just have to do with the case being aluminum though. I just didn't wanna take the chance. If it is okay to bend that tab back does anyone have any tips or tricks? You can't really get at the right angle to pry it up due to part of the frame being in the way.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Mar 20, 2015, 9:18 PM

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Re: 2007 Silverado 5.3 4X4 front left diff bearing Sign In

You can disregard the post above. The bearing my buddy bought was the wrong one and bigger than the original. The bearing can be pulled out and assembled without messing with the tab or adjuster. That tab holds the adjuster which is how you adjust backlash. Don't ask how I found all of that out. I'm glad you guys helped me setup my rear diff a couple years ago so I had an idea of what to do.

Hammer Time
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Mar 21, 2015, 4:13 AM

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Re: 2007 Silverado 5.3 4X4 front left diff bearing Sign In

We probably should have moved this to the trans section when first posted. That way Gary would have seen it and responded.


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