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2007 Corolla, Changed Oil, Overfilled Draining!

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Sep 3, 2013, 10:07 PM

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  post locked   2007 Corolla, Changed Oil, Overfilled Draining!  

So I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla, ~80K miles. It has been a minute since the last oil change. Maybe 15K. But the manual suggests 10K, so a little over. Now, I went to do an oil change tonight, as I have many times since I bought the car pretty much new in 2007. Here is what I did:
Ran the car to operating temp, shut it off. Waited ~20 min.
Jacked it up. Drained oil(normal amount came out). Replaced Filter.
Tightened up everything and let the car back down.
Filled the oil. For some reason I thought I had a 4 quart container. It was actually a 5.23 quart container. So I ended up putting approx. 4.25 quarts into the engine on accident (it takes mayybe 3.8).
I jacked the car back up again and let out maybe 10 seconds of oil.
Ran the car a little and then checked dipstick, shows about 1/2 inch over high mark.
So I jack the car up again and go to drain some oil out... and Nothing. Not a drop. There's not anything in there!
Of course i freak out, and recheck dipstick. Still high!
Other things I tried:
-unscrewing top cover when draining
-making sure the car was level
-idling the car for ~10 min
-listening for pinging, stuttering, etc (running like a champ)
-checking oil filter after running (it was not clean, so for sure oil is circulating in the engine)
-checking for maintenance or oil pressure light (None)
-poking inside of oil pan with screwdriver (nothing)
-making sure it is oil pan, oil dipstick etc (not a noob here)
-checking oil for particles or chunks (dirty but otherwise OK)
Here are my mechanic questions:
A) What the heck else can I try? Pull the pan? What do I look for?
B) What could cause this?
C) Is it safe to drive? If so how far?
tl:dr: I changed my oil like a boss, put too much in, now none will come out.

New User

Sep 3, 2013, 11:15 PM

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  post locked   Re: 2007 Corolla, Changed Oil, Overfilled Draining!  

OK- I am a dumbass
I just checked the transmission fluid- dry as a bone.
I must have drained the transaxle instead of the oil. I'm an idiot.

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Sep 4, 2013, 4:37 AM

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  post locked   Re: 2007 Corolla, Changed Oil, Overfilled Draining!  

oopss....don't worry it is a common mistake.Crazy

Closed as solved.

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