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2006 volvo s40 lost all power but didn't die

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Feb 15, 2014, 6:59 PM

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2006 volvo s40 lost all power but didn't die Sign In

Try to keep it brief. Wasn't in car when this happened.

Gf driving on freeway then car started slowing down all of a sudden. Car didn't die. When she stepped on gas toms would go up but still slowing down

Pulled over and when she came to a stop ALL the warning lights on the odometer panel came on then car shut off. Smelled smokey.

Tow truck tried o start it an she said it sounded loud (couldn't describe it better)
But didn't start

I looked at it this morning and noticed oil on the skid plate. Also no oil in system (dip stick dry). There is oil on oil pan, axle, and a little higher too. Couldn't pinpoint it by visual inspect.

Timing belt intact and ATF looks good and at normal level.

What should I start looking for or doing in order to diagnose?

I was planning on putting oil in tomorrow morning then trying to start it and find the leak (if it even starts)

2006 volvo s40 2.5l 2wd (no turbo)

Any ideas or advice on where to get started


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Feb 15, 2014, 10:32 PM

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Re: 2006 volvo s40 lost all power but didn't die Sign In

Your girlfriend had an oil leak that has been going on for a little while. She didn't bother to check her oil when she fills up with gas, which would've alerted her to this fact. So she most likely just blew an expensive engine.

My car is newer than this, and I make it a point to check the oil every week because this can happen.

First step is do a compression test to see if you still have enough engine left to bother testing further.

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