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2005 Grand Am Key has no effect

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Aug 10, 2013, 8:40 PM

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2005 Grand Am Key has no effect Sign In

My Grand Am with 141,000 miles decided not to start when we returned from a 6 day vacation in another vehicle. The key turns, the symbols all light up and eventually go away except the word "security" wich keeps blinking as long as the key is in the on position. The fuel pump is heard--other than that, no effect is realized by the turning of the key. I've found that the battery is good, I've replaced fuse # 1 (Ignition Switch), and relay # 11 (starter) in the fuse box under the hood. I am suspecting that there is an issue with the security system. What do you think?

Hammer Time
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Aug 11, 2013, 4:42 AM

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Re: 2005 Grand Am Key has no effect Sign In

You are being locked out by the security system.

Depending why this happened in the first place you may be able to relearn the system. The Passlock sensor in the ignition switch is a common failure.

You can also bypass that sensor if you choose to do so.


If you find the black wire and the yellow wire from the passlock sensor in the column you can solder in a 2.2 K ohm resistor between them and then follow the relearn procedure below. If it now runs you have been successful.If it doesn't you either made a mistake or there are other problems besides the ignition lock cylinder.

You can also just try to do the relearn to get it started temporarily but it may happen again is the sensor is bad

10 Minute Learn Procedure
  1. Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF.
  2. Attempt to start the engine, then release the key to ON (vehicle will not start).
  3. Observe the SECURITY telltale, after approximately 10 minutes the telltale will turn OFF.
  4. Turn OFF the ignition, and wait 5 seconds .
  5. The vehicle is now ready to relearn the Passlock(TM) Sensor Data Code and/or passwords on the next ignition switch transition from OFF to CRANK.
  6. Start the engine. The vehicle has now learned the Passlock(TM) Sensor Data Code and/or password.
IMPORTANT: The vehicle learns the Passlock(TM) Sensor Data Code and/or password on the next ignition switch transition from OFF to CRANK. You must turn the ignition OFF before attempting to start the vehicle.


We offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional.

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Aug 11, 2013, 5:37 AM

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Re: 2005 Grand Am Key has no effect Sign In

Thanks for your reply and advice-- I will let you know how things work out!

Well-- I followed the steps for the system re-learn and it worked like a charm! You really know your stuff. I started it a few times without fail. Do you think I could replace the sensor--can it be replaced without a lot of trouble?

Thanks again.

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