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2004 infiniti qx56 wont start

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Sep 30, 2015, 9:29 PM

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2004 infiniti qx56 wont start Sign In

I think this a starter issue but it might be more. when i first started having problems i would turn the key the lights would come on and everything seems fine but the car wouldn't start. all i would hear is one click, im guessing that's the starter. after trying for a few times the engine try's to turn over but doesn't fully start. then it does start. it was fine for a few hours every time i had to start it. the issue happened again later that day. the car went back to just not starting. then trying to start then back to nothing at all. the next day it worked then it went back to not even cranking. i had replaced the battery and it worked perfect for a whole 24 hrs then back to no cranking. im lost plz help

Tom Greenleaf
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Oct 1, 2015, 12:26 AM

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Re: 2004 infiniti qx56 wont start Sign In

OK - Read this when if applicable to all crank (if normal cranking) and isn't starting.........
By description of a click and nothing but some lights first points to a bad battery connection to me. Dash lights and interior lights working at all or some means almost nothing about this UNLESS THEY GO OUT when trying to crank engine which is the HUGE draw on a battery.
This worked for 24 hours with a new battery seems to narrow this down to 2 things. Battery itself wasn't connected well no matter how it looked and in changing it was better and or not charging enough also to keep up a full charge with old one or now new one. You need at least a voltmeter to watch voltage drop when starting and when it's running then turn on items like lights, defroster, blower fan and also watch if it keeps up.
Also know this: New if battery was new and not just another doesn't mean it's fully charged! It has enough power if not ancient from being unsold new to start you then your charging system takes over and charges the NEW one too. All should be charged by a charger before sold or installed and almost never are. Just know that.
In the process of a battery failing (your old one) if so and this case not proven alternator works so hard trying it can kill itself or compromise its ability so one needs the other. It also stresses lousy battery connections.

For now I'd really clean battery terminals and cable ends at least, charge battery and take voltage observations. I'd expect it to start right up with a fresh charge then know it's doing its job or not right away,


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