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2003 Saturn L300 Headlight Replacement

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Jan 17, 2013, 4:26 PM

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2003 Saturn L300 Headlight Replacement Sign In

  Recently, the right Headlight on my 2003 Saturn L300 (180,000 miles) has gone out, and the left one flickers when I manually turn on the daytime running lights. I had, for a while, contemplated replacing the headlights with HID lights, and now I have an excuse to. However, I have a few questions regarding these specifically. First of all, for me to even consider these lights, they have to be street legal. I have researched this and have found mixed statements on its legality (specifically in the United States). I have found some people say that they are only illegal if they are put on wrong, and face upwards, blinding incoming drivers. Then I have found other people say that aftermarket HIDs are flat out illegal, no matter what. I would like it for someone to clear this up for me. Secondly, I am not sure where I should get these lights. The local auto parts store has a "kit" there for $50, but I was told I might be able to get it online for cheaper. Looking online, I have found these lights to be anywhere from $35 to $85, and I am not sure if these are just the lights or the whole conversion kit. Them man there suggested 55 watt at 10,000k. Personally, I would like the color to be green (which I believe would be about 14,000), but I would also like to be able to see with these headlights, so I don't know if I could get both out of that. Really, I want the cool color to practical ratio to be high, if that makes sense. I would also like the kit to be practical financially as well, so I would, ideally, want them to cost not that much more than halogen lights (which I can get here for $15 a piece). Basically, my questions are, are they legal, what would be the best color to practical "number (like 10,000k or 14,000k) keeping in mind I would like green if it is practical, and finally, where would be a good place/price to buy it?

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Jan 17, 2013, 7:20 PM

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Re: 2003 Saturn L300 Headlight Replacement Sign In

You aren't going to find a true HID kit for less than $600. The lights you are talking about are HID simulating lights. They try to mimic the color glow. You can't just plug them in if they are real HID because those have a wiring harness with ballast resistors and relays that need to be soldered into your existing wiring harness. If you want to have good visibility, first make sure you have clear headlight lenses. Some will get a foggy or yellow haze on them over time, which can either be removed with chemicals or get new housings to replace it. My girl had a Venture minivan like that, found a set of brand new ones on EBay for $80 as the old ones were too far gone. I got a set of Sylvania Silverstar headlamp bulbs and I can tell you they are worth the money. You will be able to see very clearly and there is no question about legality. I ended up buying them for all my vehicles.

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