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2003 Jeep Liberty Problems AGAIN HELP

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Jan 22, 2013, 6:41 PM

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2003 Jeep Liberty Problems AGAIN HELP Sign In

I was on here a month ago with Jeep Problems. My Jeep is a 2003 4WD Liberty with a little over 100,000 miles. The engine is a 6cyl 3.7L. Well all the problems led to me getting a new fan and radiator. When my car was done and I drove it away it started to overheat again. It also was making the same noise it was when I took the Jeep in. I assumed it must have been my new fan wasn't working properly. I took my car back and he said my thermostat needed to be replaced so I let him replace my thermostat and I was out the door the next day. But it kept making the exact same noise it has been from the beginning of all these problems. Well a month later and my car shuts off while I was driving it and when I go to restart it the car wont start. So I gas it up and get it to start and it makes a noise and starts to overheat like crazy. WELL a guy passing by took a look at it and said hes thinking my AC seized because everything went out like my power steering and it melted the belt right off. He said even if we get replacements that my Jeep isn't going to work. Its in a different shop now but I am stressing on what could be wrong with it and if it is un repairable and Im just out a car and with the visit to the shop a month ago I'm already $800 deep in repairs and not really wanting to spend any more money on this piece of crap. My question is... if the fan that he put in was in fact faulty could it cause the AC to seize and melt my belt off? And if so is there a way to prove something like that to get these repairs covered by the shop that messed up in the first place? Or if not what can cause my AC to seize and melt the belt. UHG PLEASE HELP! Im at my wits end with this thing!

Hammer Time
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Jan 22, 2013, 7:02 PM

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Re: 2003 Jeep Liberty Problems AGAIN HELP Sign In

if the fan that he put in was in fact faulty could it cause the AC to seize and melt my belt off?

Yes, it certainly could. The lack of air being pulled across the condenser would cause the A/C pressure to go sky high and cause the compressor to lock up. Don't try to blame anyone for that. it was the result of the bad fan and continuing to drive it that way. The A/C repair is going to be quite expensive because now you need to change the compressor, condenser, accumulator, orifice tube and belt.


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