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2002 mist. galant Timing Belt Broke and Replaced

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Oct 22, 2013, 11:35 AM

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2002 mist. galant Timing Belt Broke and Replaced Sign In

Year of vehicle:2002
Make: Mistubishi
Model: Galant
Engine Size: No idea
Mileage: 200k

Alright, so I was driving and my car just died. All the lights went on on the dashboard and my car just rolled to a stop and I put it in park. I got it towed from my dad's friend who is a mechanic and the mechanic told me that it was my timing belt that was broken. He ended up replacing it and now my car turns on and off fine(knock on wood). My real question is would this cause my car to suddenly stop working again? Could this have caused differnet problems that'll mess up my engine(and from what I've been reading it easily could have). Or should my car just run as normal as it was before my timing belt broke? I'm a delivery driver and I'm worried this'll happen while I"m working and I cannot have that.


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Oct 22, 2013, 12:56 PM

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Re: 2002 mist. galant Timing Belt Broke and Replaced Sign In

I think you got real lucky. Gates lists both engines offered for this car as interference, so I'm surprised you didn't bend some valves when it broke. As long as he replaced all the timing components and not just the belt, you should be good to go for a while and the engine should run like normal.

There is a maintenance schedule that the manufacturer made which calls for timing belt replacement intervals just like it calls for oil changes at certain intervals. You should read it and note when you are due for the timing belt to be changed again. You don't just change the belt, you change the idler and tensioners as well, and on engines which use the timing belt to drive the water pump that gets done at the same time. Any one of those parts can turn around and wreck the next belt. Parts stores do offer these in a full kit that has everything you need to do this. These parts do wear out, and the purpose of the replacement interval is to prevent things like what happened to you from happening.

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