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2001 Mazda protege pleaseeeee helpppp

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New User

Jan 23, 2017, 11:08 AM

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  post locked   2001 Mazda protege pleaseeeee helpppp  

before you read please understand i am no where close to a mechanic and i have very little knowledge about under the hood.. lol

okay so im going to start from the beginning. i have a 2001 mazda protege, 2.0 and my husband took it to work the other day and all of a sudden the battery light came on while he was driving it and when he got to work it must of overheated (he didnt look at the temp gage, im just assuming this) because it died and started making a crazy noise. the best way i can explain it is the sound of a potato being shot out of a PVC pipe.. it made this noise about 3-4 times and then all of our coolant drained out of the car... so he had his friend come look at it and suggested the thermostat being replaced... so we tow the car to the house and we put the thermostat on and then we realize the serpantine belt broke... also we have a huge hole in our coolant resivior. so we go buy the serpantine belt and the resivoir and put those on... after all that his friend realizes that the fan? isnt spinning which controls the water pump?? again i have no idea what im talking about really... lol.. so we go buy the water pump and replace it and the timing belt cover (because it was eating our belts up)... (i dont know if this is important or not but we couldnt get the crank bolt off when we were putting the water pump on so i googled how to do that and a video showed them using a breaker bar and turn the engine over a couple times and the bolt FINALLY came lose. ) anyways we get those put on and now the car has very little power when trying to get up and go. we can put the pedal to the floor and its barely inching along.. once it gets to a good speed (like above 40) it seems ok?? but as soon as we stop and idle it tries to die. so we took it to autozone and had them hook it up to our car and it throws these codes

P0171 adaptive fuel trim too lean (bank1)
p0102 MAF circuit low input
p0103 MAF sensor circuit high input
p0108 BARO sensor circuit high input
p1250 pressure regulator solenoid circuit malfunction

it said for us to replace the MAF sensor
so we spend yet another 223$ and had a friend put it on and started it up low and behold it DID ABSOLUTLY NOTHING. if anything it made the idling and speeding up problem WORSE.
we have spend over 600$ replacing parts on this car in the past 3 days and it still isnt running like it used to. i have no idea what to do or where to go from here... please if anyone has any advice its greatly appreciated

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 23, 2017, 1:29 PM

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  post locked   Re: 2001 Mazda protege pleaseeeee helpppp  

One issue one post and thread please - this one locked, Tom

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