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2000 Chevy Tahoe Repairs, which to do?

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New User

Jan 15, 2013, 8:42 PM

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2000 Chevy Tahoe Repairs, which to do? Sign In


I took my 2000 Chevy Tahoe to a dealership to get fixed because it stopped working. a day or so before the death it was idling strange, would fluctuate between 500 rpm and 0rpm and then stall.

They came up with two problems it needs;

Replacing of Lower intake manifold gaskets

Replace Fuel Pump Module
-tech says I only had 22psi instead of the 55-62 psi recommended.

The question I hope you guys can answer;
I am a student and money is not plentiful. Could I get away with just getting the fuel pump fixed, and then shop around for the gasket? Do you think the car will run after only that repair?

Please if you need more information let me know, I am not familiar with cars and repairs but I will do my best.


Veteran / Moderator
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Jan 15, 2013, 9:14 PM

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Re: 2000 Chevy Tahoe Repairs, which to do? Sign In

It will run, but you'll likely be pulling P0174 and P0171 codes for your banks running lean, and you'll be leaking fluids. You would still need a professional shop to do it because if the distributor is just a hair off when it goes back in you need a high-end scan tool to reset the cam-crank correlation. The dealer would be a higher price but thats also because they are using the factory parts which are the right ones to use. You could get a cheaper fuel pump like an Airtex for this instead of a Delphi, but I have seen nothing but trouble with non-factory pumps especially in GM trucks simply because the engine is so extremely picky about its pressure being exact. Anything under 55psi and you will be lucky if it even runs. This job is very expensive to do twice because of crappy parts. I've seen it happen way too many times.

If the intake gasket is leaking, you will certainly be losing fluids and can also have a vacuum leak which will cause your ECM to dump more fuel because the oxygen sensors are showing too much oxygen in the exhaust. Its certainly a problem needing to be dealt with.

The upside is their work will come with a guarantee. The parts were made by them for this exact truck, not reverse engineered in China to fix in the same spot but not necessarily work correctly. The tech doing the work does these all the time. He only works on this product line. He knows the job through and through to get it done properly. A good independent tech will be able to do a good job too, and he can also get the good grade of parts, but like I said you'll still have some issues until its resolved and should take care of this right away.

New User

Jan 15, 2013, 9:19 PM

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Re: 2000 Chevy Tahoe Repairs, which to do? Sign In

Thanks for your response, I was wondering and debating about the warrenty. It is nice to have lifetime if it breaks. The dealer is asking $735.00 for the fuel pump, do you think that is a average price?

Veteran / Moderator
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Jan 16, 2013, 4:11 AM

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Re: 2000 Chevy Tahoe Repairs, which to do? Sign In

Thats pretty steep in my opinion. Is that the price for the part only or installed?

Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 16, 2013, 4:13 AM

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Re: 2000 Chevy Tahoe Repairs, which to do? Sign In

As expected, the dealer will nearly always be a little higher priced than the independent but in return you get a factory trained technician, factory parts and a Nationwide warranty, not to say that you could also find some of those benefits at some independents too.


We offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 16, 2013, 8:26 AM

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Re: 2000 Chevy Tahoe Repairs, which to do? Sign In

OE parts are critical IMO. Dealer does have an advantage. Independents can be just fine too as Nick said and get OE parts too. Price seems just a tad high but that can be local to you in labor rates, - T

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