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2000 Cavalier Z24 - Hesitation/dying on initial press of gas pedal

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Oct 17, 2013, 12:25 AM

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2000 Cavalier Z24 - Hesitation/dying on initial press of gas pedal Sign In

I'm a car repair noob. I have a vehicle problem I haven't dealt with in the past on a 2000 Cavalier Z24 2.4 (automatic) 140k m. On the initial press of the gas pedal from a stop, the car hesitates very badly and sometimes dies. Some things I've observed:

If it dies, it starts right back up.
If I gun it, getting past an initial soft press of the pedal, it takes off just fine.
I don't have the issue while cruising, after the initial soft press of the pedal (although it does seem to have lost a bit of power at all times).
I can still pass people easily if needed, without hesitations.
The idle is rough at a stop, and seems a bit low. Sometimes dies at a stoplight.
Seems to shift just fine
The problem isn't as bad the first few minutes of driving. Leaving the house, problem isn't bad. Coming home, my car often dies when slowing down to enter parking space, or driving slow and then softly pressing gas pedal to go again.

Again, no hesitations really after I've gotten moving, although if I let my foot off the gas, then press it softly again, it will hesitate. Since I don't normally do that on a highway or cruising down a road I don't have any issues during those times. The car does seem a bit weaker than normal though. This has happened over time, not real sudden. Could a clogged fuel filter cause this? Maybe the filter isn't full of fuel while starting off, then after a few minutes fills up and makes it difficult to get pressure through? I have no idea really. Would love some advice!

2000 Cavalier Z24 - Hesitation/dying on initial press of gas pedal

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