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1997 Dodge Neon. Crazy problems. One needs fixing.

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Anonymous Poster

Sep 3, 2006, 10:15 AM

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1997 Dodge Neon. Crazy problems. One needs fixing. Sign In

Hi, I'd appreciate any help at all. I have a 1997 Dodge Neon and first off my battery would

drain when I go to sleep overnight, but sometimes itd last for days. We fixed that by pulling the

fuse to my A/C that was under the hood (big square fuse that was accompanied by about 5-7

others probably) (it was keeping in the on position, you could actually hear it click on and off if

you wiggled the fuse). That was over with though after we pulled the A/C fuse. Then,

sometimes when you turned the key it would just click, banging on the starter working, or

bypassing the selenoid (by touchin them 2 nuts together on the starter/selenoid) but now, the

starter has been replaced and it does the same thing sometimes (it wasnt replaced long ago

but I think its the same case, I just dont get why the last one was dead complately and this one

is working one and off if its not completely the starter thats the problem, do i buy a brand new

starter? is something slowly breaking the starter?), and bypassing the selenoid doesnt even

work sometimes, you dont even see a spark when you touch them to nuts together which I was

told you should, no doubt about it. Since I've installed the new starter It only DIDNT start at all

ONCE, thats when nothing would work, from banging to bypassing the starter/selenoid, but a

few times, when I turned the key itd click, then I turn the key again and it would start. Is this a

power issue or what? I have a subwoofer and amp connected to my battery (one wire) that

both shut off when the car is off. The battery is brand new its definitely not the battery ive also

checked the volts and all of that. The starter, its my second one...I just dont think its the

starter again and neither does my friend who has been dealing with cars for a long time. I think

it may be another problem in that fuse box thats under my hood, but then, again, why was that

starter dead completely? Damn what I should have did was checked if that last one would

power up when connected to a power source. Anyway, Thank you so much for reading all of

that, I'd appreciate any help or suggestions at all.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
Tom Greenleaf profile image

Sep 3, 2006, 11:24 AM

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Re: 1997 Dodge Neon. Crazy problems. One needs fixing. Sign In

Hmmm.... Some thoughts here,

1. When A/C is off it should be off. and if the ignition is off that fuse shoudn't have power. The ignition may not be totally off or some wires crossed.

2. Single clicks at starter are usually a connection problem and fluttering clicks low voltage.

3. It would be real handy to have a 12v test light and a voltmeter.

* Even a new battery can be bad. Look for voltage drop when trying to start. They don't like going dead too many times either.

* If you hook up a test light to disconnected neg battery cable and the neg post it should be off. Hood, glovebox and trunk light need to be off or bulbs out.
If the test light lights pull fuses and the one that makes it go out has a problem. Some circuits have power all the time like headlights, brake lights, interior lights etc but should not be a drain.

* A battery can have an internal drain and you could only test that out by disconnecting it and if it never happens again that would likely be it. If found low it's killing itself?? If you smell the rotten egg smell near it watch out and fan it a lot because they can explode so if jumping this car follow the rules and make last connection at neg away from the battery.

The other problem spots are aftermarket item of any kind as they cause a lot of wiring troubles when they get older. Next could be the wires in the most used door where they bend but are out of sight and hard to look at, Good luck, T

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